Winter Trends – The Art of ‘Winding Down’





Well, we’re finally getting there, aren’t we? Christmas. What a great time of the year. A time of joy, celebration, tradition and relaxation. There’s a lot to be said for understanding your audience; their ups, their downs. When they’d like to engage with your business and when they want to bow out and wind down. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still promote your products and services effectively.

You have, undoubtedly, started to embrace the festive spirit in your workplace, as we all do, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, many find it to be a rather endearing and humanising trait of a business, but are you showcasing it? If not, why not? Joyous times present joyous opportunities, and in this blog, we’ll show you how to make the most of them.

Holiday Competitions

Competitions are an excellent way to engage and add to your consumer base, whilst having fun doing so. You can explore new ways to create, write and present, allowing you to grow and captivate your audience; gaining new insights into what makes existing and potential clients sit up and take notice.

Take a look at hi-impact’s recent giveaway competition involving Tranmere Rovers FC, for example. In-demand prizes have been presented (i.e. four free tickets and a day in the Platinum Suite with a three-course meal) and the opportunity to win these prizes has been made simple, quick and straightforward; with participants automatically entering an online raffle when they follow the hi-impact account.

Giving something of worth to participants in return for very little, is at the heart of a successful competition campaign

If you’re looking to run your own promotion for a competition then videos are a great way to do so; breaking through the algorithm and appearing more prominently in news feeds.

Christmas Photography

Think about how you can showcase your products or services differently with eye-catching photographs. Why not produce a collage and share them on social media? You could also go the extra mile and edit your images on websites such as Canva; adding a flair and style more befitting of the Christmas spirit.

Now is also an important time to look ahead. So intense is the focus on Christmas that we can often become complacent and myopic; completely neglecting the New Year. Get your staff to pose for a New Year picture or create a themed photograph ready to be distributed for the 2020 celebrations.

Deal with tomorrow’s problems today!

Quick Video Adverts

A quick Christmas advert is a great way to showcase your latest products/services; encouraging people to purchase before Christmas or put aside funds for the New Year.

Take a look at the recent Christmas advert we created for Owen Drew Candles. This video took just a couple of hours to film, but is a fantastic promotion piece to their home page and across their social media platforms. You can watch it by clicking here.

Christmas Highlights

Don’t forget to celebrate your own achievements when it comes to wrapping things up (so to speak). Here at hi-impact, we like to close out our year with a video from our staff talking about their favourite or most notable moments over the past 12 months. This acts as a wonderful exercise in reflection and allows us to think about how we can improve further as a business in the next year. 

And most importantly…have fun with it!

It goes without saying we all work tirelessly throughout the year. Christmas is a great time to have a bit of fun with your social media and show off the amazing people who make your business what it is. Audiences want to engage with genuine content and what is more genuine than getting to see a bit of office fun, decorations and people having a good time?

Bring some personality to your social media with your staff. Ask each member of the team to tell you their favourite Christmas movie and why, or the story behind the best Christmas gift they’ve gotten.

Be sure to schedule this content throughout December and January so you can leave the office knowing your social media will be booming.

See? Even with December quickly flying by, it’s not too late to make an impact on your social media. These small steps will make sure your business will be getting the reach it deserves on social media!

Need some help? Speak to our team of experts and we’ll see how we can support your content over the next few weeks.

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