Web Design: The Unsung Hero of Business Promotion




Ah, the website, the unsung hero of business promotion. We often under-appreciate their effectiveness, don’t we? It’s easy to do so, after all.

They’re quiet, inoffensive and complete their task silently, with minimum fuss.

You might even be forgiven by some for thinking they more or less manage themselves. In fact, I’m even going to forgive you for it; such is the depth of my heart.

Here’s the thing though, regardless of my compassionate nature…you’re wrong.

The importance of a 24 hour informational, promotional, and fully interactive marketing tool can never be understated- especially when you type it like I just have.

Believe me, your website deserves both your attention and investment.

“But why?” you say? Here are 5 reasons why, my friends.

1. It sets the tone for potential future relationships 

Make no mistake about it, your first impression is everything. Humanity are a stubborn, unforgiving species, and they will judge you in seconds. This is why it’s of critical importance to ensure this initial judgement is a positive one.

Unappealing content or outdated design will deter potential clients and visitors from exploring further, more or less preventing them from ever gaining true insight into your business, offerings, message and motive.

Initially, this may seem quite inconsequential. After all, how are a few disinterested people going to affect you? But you’re not looking at the bigger picture!

No interest means that not only do they move onto a competitors page instead, it also means that they don’t inform their company about it, they don’t tell their colleagues and they don’t discuss it with their friends. Your brand image and strength has suffered, and you’ve lost potential business as a result.

It’s all about positive perception. The less interested you are in entertaining your web visitors, the less interested they’ll be in associating with you.



2. It allows you to make better use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO…I bet you’re really sick of hearing about this by now, huh? But it’s important, trust me. Even if you manage to make your site aesthetically pleasing, it won’t have much of a positive impact if you aren’t properly publishing your web content- this is where SEO comes into play.

Search Engine Optimisation, as you probably guessed from the name, optimises your website’s relevance and prominence in online search results. Simply put, if your SEO is up to scratch, users should be able to not only google your company name, but also other names, services, and locations affiliated with your company- and STILL land on your web page as a top result. Below is a small example of this:


As seen above, I googled ‘fizzy drink company’; a search which offered up 5,120,000 results. Surely, with that sort of competition, my computer screen will display nothing but a jumble of nonsense?



The Coca-Cola Company, using SEO, have managed to establish themselves as the number one search result for a service which hundreds of other companies also provide.

By having your website and its contents coded to be SEO-friendly, this is something you can do for your website, as well.



3. It establishes the foundation of customer service

“If you can’t be bothered to care for yourself, how can you expect to take care of me!?” I scream emphatically at my desktop.

Am I being overly dramatic? Most definitely, but this is more or less representative of a client’s thinking when they encounter a website which hasn’t been constructed with any real care or effort.

If their first impression of your business is based on a website they deem substandard, you’re already fighting a losing battle. After all, if you don’t put any effort into representing your business, how can you be trusted to serve a potential customer?

A healthy mentality to adopt is this…think of your website as the digital face of your business. Aim to give visitors the same feeling from visiting your homepage as they would get from walking into your office and talking to a member of staff. This will create a strong connection between both the intangible (digital) and tangible (products/services) facets of your company.



4. Every moment you think about it, another one of your competitors has started doing it!

I hate to be a negative Nellie (please ignore all evidence to the contrary), but the fact of the matter is that the longer you remain idle on improving your website design, the further you’re being left behind by the competition.

Your website is an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services to potential customers in a rich, appealing and unique way- a way which can potentially give you an advantage over your competitors. Why waste that opportunity?

A well-designed website evidences to the customer that you can be trusted to provide a valuable and high quality service. The better the design, the better the quality. Business is a game of marginal gains, and this is a margin worth strengthening.



5. Consistent design, consistent quality, consistent service

Brand consistency is an incredibly powerful thing. Remember when, what likely now feels like a lifetime ago, I mentioned Coca Cola? Tell me, is there any other company etched quite as powerfully in your mind than the Coca Cola company when you think of the colours red and white?

That’s brand consistency, and it’s something you should also aim to achieve with your website. Make use of colour palettes, fonts, logos, styles and layouts to create a compelling visual message which you want to become synonymous with your business.

Familiarity  is key to building a strong, recognisable brand, and maintaining a consistent style across all media vehicles will ensure page visitors are able to make an instant association.

Do you think your website is in need of optimisation or a redesign? Contact us here for some free consultation where we will discuss what we can do for you! 

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