Virtual School Induction




Whether it’s getting to know a new school or transitioning into a new Key Stage, change is difficult. This is especially true as we continue to experience uncertainty in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations surrounding it. At hi-impact media, we work closely with the education sector to support schools in getting the best use out of the technology available. From building Ofsted compliant websites, to filming promotional videos, we understand the pressure schools are under to keep connected during this time.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with schools to re-invent the way they support pupils, as they transition to the next stage of their education. Virtual Inductions are an immersive, engaging and creative way to ensure pupils are granted a certain level of comfort and familiarity before beginning/restarting their educational journey; allowing them to adjust, settle and feel at home in their new environment. It’s important to know your audience and that’s why we’ve been continuously adapting our methodology to suit the needs of each school. Our team of media and education specialists have been working tirelessly with schools to identify how their pupils and parents engage, thus allowing us to work on solutions that merge various forms of media together; creating eye-catching projects which consistently meet and excel school expectations.

Let’s take a look at some of our recent work

Full Walkthrough Virtual Tour

Compatible with multiple devices, a Walkthrough Virtual Tour adopts the use of interactive tags, embedded videos, and links to relevant documents in order to ensure viewers are given a thorough and honest depiction of your school and the experiences you can provide. This style of tour can be completed within a day and sent to schools within 48 hours of filming.

Three Sixty Style Tours

With less time required on site, we collect 360s from previously highlighted areas of the school which you would like to be showcased. This is perfect for any schools looking to guide their virtual visitors through the experience, ensuring they do not miss anything crucial and helping them navigate by way of a user friendly, interactive menu. Furthermore, schools will be able to fully benefit from having interactive content throughout the tour in the form of videos, or links to relevant web pages.

Video Inductions

We’ve also been helping schools create virtual induction tools by filming video induction tours,which are then shared across social media or embedded within virtual tours. Whether you want to build excitement for your subjects or allow people to get to know the staff, these professional and high quality videos add a personable element to your induction.

Guided Tour Videos 

Finally, we know that one of the best ways to capture your audience is with social media videos. After the creation of your virtual tour, the hi-impact team will be able to use existing footage to create appealing video content, including animated text graphics, personalised welcome messages from staff and even interviews– which we will also film. These videos are an excellent way to build relationships with followers, inform visitors, and flaunt your finest facilities.

With the whole team now having returned to the office and full availability for filming over Summer, now is the perfect time to contact us for a free consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!

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