Video Promotion: A Hotelier’s Greatest Asset

Jan 27, 2020

Naturally when you think of how people look at hotels online, you will most likely think of an endless stream of idyllic photographs. When we visit hotel booking websites we are often bombarded with pictures of rooms, fitness suites and facilities. There is no doubt that a photograph is a fantastic way to sell your hotel but what else could you be doing to ensure your hotel is positioned at the forefront of the market? 

Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can be used in a variety of different ways to promote your hotel, not just on your website but across all your social media platforms. We, at hi-impact, have identified five key areas which should be considered above all else when creating video content:

Destination Video

Travellers may choose your hotel for a number of reasons, but destination is often at the top of their checklist. Destination videos are a great way to not only showcase your hotel, but also what surrounds it. A video that invites attention to local bars, restaurants, walks, sights, days out and activities around your hotel is a fantastic way to not only encourage people to book your rooms, but also build a good relationship with the businesses around you. 

Not only are these kinds of videos great for your brand, but travel sites and bloggers are more likely to feature this style of video in their posts; thus allowing you to target a previously untapped demographic.

Choose a video with a focus

Are you looking to increase your wedding bookings? Have you launched a new spa or afternoon tea service you’d like to promote? Whatever it may be, visually stunning content creates the best possible return on investment; attracting audiences through more aesthetically pleasing promotion

The Google algorithm remains favourable towards video content; thus increasing the amount of people who will be targeted by your advertising. This style of video is also effective when spread across social media channels; allowing guests to get a glimpse of your hotel in a matter of seconds.

Engage guests through stories

Most social media platforms now have a feature that allows users to post “stories”. Stories which, in this case, are described as a multitude of related posts that last over a 24 hour period. Many of the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Whatsapp use stories as a way for people to share content. With 300 million active daily users; it’s no surprise so many businesses are attempting to target this audience. 

To get started, you can simply start filming stories on a mobile device; adding them to your social media feeds there and then. Stories are at their best when serving as insights; for example, you could be showcasing some available rooms, your spa, restaurant, quality of service etc.

Stories also offer a wide range of ways for people to engage through the use of polls, filters and questions, all of which are designed to boost your user interaction. Guests also love to showcase where they’re staying, so be sure to interact with their posts when they tag you. Not only is this seen as fantastic customer service but it’s also a great way to tap into their followers. 

Top tip: Many instagrammers focus on the look and feel of their profile page. Make sure that your brand’s aesthetic is covered in your stories, as well. Apps such as Canva and Unfold allow you to create branded content in the dimensions for instagram.

Tell your story 

Video is paramount to ensuring your hotel maintains a strong presence on social media. There are a demographic of people who no longer choose a hotel based on a point of cost or location, but on how that hotel resonates with them. Telling the story of your brand and why you’re passionate about guest experiences will truly set you aside from the crowd. This is the perfect opportunity to involve your staff and really show how fantastic your hotel is.

Training Video 

Not all of your hotel videos have to be public-facing. Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is extremely high and a lot of time can often be spent training new staff. Video is a fast, affordable and effective way to ensure your staff have access to high quality training at their fingertips. 

A fine example of this, and one which some of our own hotelier clients have used in the past, us filming members of the housekeeping team demonstrate each part of cleaning a suite. 

After being edited down to a couple of minutes, this style of allows any new employees to familiarise themselves with the interior and atmosphere of their new workplace before they even begin their role. You might also consider extending this style of video to the F&B team; working towards supporting the retention of high quality service standards. You could even take this one step further and embed your training videos in an interactive virtual tour of your hotel..

Feeling inspired? Why not make video part of your marketing strategy for 2020. We’d love to hear about your success stories and ways video content has worked for your hotel. Let us know on our social media @mediahiimpact.