Video: The Valentines Edition

Roses are red, Violets are blue, We love creating content, Here’s why you should too!

With Valentines Day finally here, we thought we’d share with you all a blog about our greatest love… video content.

Video content is what we revolve around. We consume it, we conceptualise it and we create it. 

As creatives, we use video to form digital narratives that communicate concepts, values, visions and stories.  The fascination to film, capture and edit is deep-rooted within each member of the hi-impact team and is a constant pursuit both professionally and personally. 

If your brand’s target audience is millennial’s, this is particularly interesting. A massive four out of five millennial’s say video content influences their purchases – this is the same age group that watches an average of two hours of video per day.


When deciding on the concept for your video visualise how it will align to your brand’s personality and design, try to maintain consistency across the content you make. Decide on the type of video that you want to create and draw up a rough storyboard or short synopsis of the key shots you want to include. On the day of filming, you might decide to change the script or take parts out, which is fine but always overshoot so you have more footage to play with, in the edit. 


Study other videos for inspiration and decide on a style and narrative that you can emulate. Here are some examples of the different video types; meet the team, company culture, behind the scenes, viral trend, interviews, vlogs, how-to, explainer, item review, a case study of a client, product advert/launch, testimonial or Q&A. Choose a type that you feel comfortable with start creating concepts and ideas. 

Lasting impression

In order for your video to make a lasting impression on viewers, it should focus on one of the following objectives; awareness, education or engagement. To help decide on what objective you should focus on, ask yourself the following questions; Do you want to increase brand awareness and focus on growing your following? Do you want to spark a reaction from customers and encourage likes, comments and shares? Or do you want to teach your customers something new either about the products you offer/sell or about your company and team members?

Editing dimensions

This is something you only need to think about if you are editing the video together yourself. Click here for a clear outline of the different video dimensions used across social media platforms and which ones you need to use. 


Visual storytelling helps people understand information faster and retain more of it in comparison to just text alone. Read more about what makes visual storytelling within marketing so powerful and effective in this article


It is important to let your customers see behind the curtain of your brand and understand who works for you and what your core values are. This allows customers to build trust with your brand and cement a fan-base. The more content you share with your followers the stronger the bond will be.


If you have an original idea for a video then I advise you to pursue it. The medium of video encourages exploration, expressionism and creativity. Take a risk with your visuals and style as there are many benefits and rewards from going viral.


Another great plus of using video content is that it’s actionable and measurable. Make sure you set some targets before you release your video content and track the performance of the video on the platforms you use. Once you have some statistic to compare how your videos performed you can tailor your future content accordingly. 


So now it’s over to you! We hope our poem has offered some inspiration and tips for how you can start exploring video as a tool for marketing.

However, if you feel that creating videos is still too daunting a task, we are always here to help with content creation and professional video services.