Two Debuts; Fragrance and Film

Jun 28, 2019

As hi-impact media’s newest Digital Media Assistant I was lucky enough to share my live event debut with Wirral luxury candle brand ‘Owen Drew’ debut fragrance launch which took place in the prestigious Grosvenor Hotel in Chester.  

The first things that I look for on location are the lighting and backdrops that I will be working with, and what a backdrop it proved to be. I was awestruck by the design and decor of both the drinks reception and the dining room; black, red and gold, the layout matched the fragrance in both colour and elegance. It was clear that Owen Drew had spent as much time and care on the event as he does on his beautiful hand-made products. 

Visually the setting was perfect. We set up and awaited the first guests. Once again, Owen Drew did not disappoint. As the guests arrived it became clearer that the shoot would only go from strength to strength. There was no shortage of smiles and a genuine sense of enjoyment (and perfume) was in the air, which makes the filming that much easier and more enjoyable. 

The charity auction, catwalk and raffle meant that we had no shortage of content to keep us entertained through our lenses. After the food courses, Georgia and I set up in the lobby to interview guests about their thoughts of the fragrance and reviews of the day. The last shot that we got was a quick interview with Drew to provide a closing statement. 

The Owen Drew Eau De Parfum launch event was everything I could have hoped for in my hi-Impact debut. I hope that my enjoyment and appreciation come across in our filming, I only wish I could have recorded the beautiful fragrances too.

Written by Jessica Leasor, hi-impact media