Tranmere Rovers Sponsor Interview: Simon Sloan




Tell us a little about yourself

Originally from East Anglia, I moved to the North West in 2004 and worked in local businesses as an IT Manager before joining with a friend who was setting up a technical support division of his education consultancy. I now manage the company’s operations and specialise in Outside work I am a member of Heswall Round Table – Tranmere fans and local residents may know of this charitable group as we run the annual Prenton Park fireworks display. I also play guitar, like to scuba dive whenever I get the opportunity and spend a fair amount of my time watching Tranmere home and away.


Tell us about your business

Hi-impact started as an education consultancy and we now provide pupil and staff training, IT support, kit sales and services to more than 50% of Wirral schools (plus many more nationally, and even internationally). Our educational consultants also deliver sports science workshops in Wirral schools alongside Tranmere players, which is something our schools absolutely love. Away from education, our media department creates promotional digital marketing material for businesses all around the world – including virtual tours, promo films, photography, graphic design and web services. We are award winning for our creativity and have enjoyed many “firsts” in our partnerships with Tranmere – namely in setting up and running the Junior Media Team which is a scheme for training young supporters in sports media skills – never before seen at any club, and also in creating a true virtual retail environment for the club shop, meaning fans can walk around the shop on their computer as if there in person, even selecting items off the shelf and purchasing right there and then – again, something no-one else had ever done before. This is why we love working with Tranmere, the people are always eager to jump on board with our ideas and show themselves and the Club in a forward-thinking, progressive light.


Are you a Tranmere fan?

Tranmere is my adopted team since moving to this area. I’m a Tottenham fan originally, but since taking my son to some Tranmere games a few years ago I found myself sucked into the roller coaster ride that is supporting Tranmere! Our MD, Alan, has been a fan since he was a young child and he loves the fact that we now work alongside the Club he has always supported. I now attend every home game and get to several away games each season, and I’m loving that the roller coaster is finally moving in an upward direction…


Who is you favourite player?

Obviously Nors has become a bit of a legend in his own lifetime and Steeeeeve is always a tremendous presence on the pitch, but I am really loving watching Ollie Banks and Manny Monthe this season.


What has been your favourite Tranmere moment since being a sponsor?

Is it too obvious to say last May’s Wembley win? Aside from that incredible day out, I’d have to say following the Barrow comeback a couple of seasons ago on twitter was one of the most up-and-down, surreal moments I’ve had supporting football – I went from “I’m done”, to hysteria in the space of a few minutes and I wasn’t even there! As a sponsor, it’s always great to choose the Man of the Match, and to have them come up for a chat after the game, although it does mean we have to pay attention on the game and not just enjoy the fantastic services that the hospitality team provides!


What does being a Tranmere sponsor mean to you?

We are incredibly proud to have always been a Wirral business and our links to the community and other local businesses are really important to us. Being actively involved in working with junior Tranmere supporters fits in really nicely with our educational aims and creating media content for the Club helps us grow our brand recognition as well as giving us the opportunity to feel part of the Club’s development and progression. We know the people behind the scenes and can confirm that it’s a small group of very key people who keep it alive and functioning on a day to day basis. We have a true partnership with these key people – especially with our Junior Media Team involvement – and being part of it in this way feels much more special than just putting our name to a pitch side hoarding or programme advert.


If you weren’t in the field you were in, what would you want to do?

Ok,assuming that I’d gone down very different routes and trained in completely different things, I’d have loved to have been involved in heritage – perhaps Egyptology or something else focused on ancient history. One of my favourite parts of our media operations at hi-impact is when we get to film in museums, castles or war tunnels etc.. and I can indulge that passion somewhat.


What is the best thing you have achieved in your career

I’m really proud to have been a part of developing our technical support division when we introduced that and seeing it become the region’s largest provider. I was also behind some of our bigger educational “wow” projects, such as sending science experiments and cameras to the edge of space on weather balloons and faking alien crash landings in playgrounds to inspire creative writing, which was really exciting! In media terms, getting to see our client list grow from a couple of local schools to include people like Tommy Hilfiger, Sunseeker Yachts, Liverpool FC, Everton FC, Manchester Utd, Twickenham Stadium, The Roman Baths (and Tranmere, of course!) has been phenomenal.

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