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Your school website affects the overall image and reputation of your school, so it should always be of the best possible standard! Often acting as a first impression; it’s incredibly important to ensure that your website is up to date and easy to navigate. In this period of uncertainty, your school website is a powerful communication tool for your staff, students, and parents. So, if you’re not already doing so, it might be worth thinking about, updating, upgrading, and refreshing.

At hi-impact media, we create beautiful, OFSTED compliant websites that are fast, modern, mobile responsive, and look great across all devices!

“I couldn’t believe how effortlessly hi-impact made the change over to a new website seem! They were so focused, listened carefully to specs — and the photography for the website was amazing! The team fully understood the busy schedules within a school and worked around them with flexibility. The finished website looks modern, unique and stunning!” – Jill Pearson, Headteacher of Barnston Primary School

We understand that keeping your website up to date with ever-changing policies, regulations and internal changes can be one of your biggest challenges. But rest assured, we design websites with our clients convenience at the forefront of our mind; building within platforms which make it easier for the user to edit, update and maintain.

If that’s not enough, we also offer a range of support packages; ensuring our web support team is always on hand to answer questions and assist you anyway they can.

Fortunately, the process of moving to hi-impact media is simple and made within just four easy steps! 


The 4 Steps: 



We meet with you to discuss your current website, what you like/dislike, and what you would like to improve, keep or delete. This process really allows you to strip the site back and prevent it from getting cluttered.


Following the initial meeting, we will begin to put the designs together; prompting feedback from you throughout to make sure you are happy with the outcome. As you have an existing site, the process of transferring content will be easy; simply requiring us to copy your desired information and post it in the new location. This will remove any need for you to rewrite existing content.


Finally, with everything in place, we conduct an OFSTED compliance check. Following this, we submit a report to show you any areas where your staff may need to make edits to the site’s content in order to meet the DfE guidelines.


Once you are happy we make the website live, connect your domains and give you a training session that will demonstrate how to change the smaller features of your site such as dates, images, and documents. Following that, we are always available for support if you get stuck.

At hi-impact, we are always happy to help wherever and whenever we can so you’ll always; ensuring you always have peace of mind. 

Not only are we trained in website design, but we are also professional photographers, and videographers and would be more than happy to provide our services to further enhance and refresh your website. Whether you’re looking for photographs to jazz up your new website, a promotional video to showcase school life or a virtual induction to give parents a walkthrough of their child’s school — we at hi-impact can provide; taking your school above and beyond in 2021. 

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