Standing out from the crowd with a 3D Virtual Tour

Sep 6, 2019

The days of sitting in travel agents to carefully choose your next holiday are long gone. In a world of social media where we are constantly surrounded by ‘travel inspo’ it’s increasingly harder to resist booking a trip. Many look to bloggers and Instagram to gather ideas for their next trip so how can you make sure your hotel is standing out from an extremely cluttered crowd?


Since Airbnb came to the market in 2008, it’s clear that there has been a huge decrease in hotel bookings with many struggling to keep up with the competition. 3D Virtual Tours are an incredible way to increase engagement for your hotel across all social media platforms.


What is a 3D Virtual Tour? 


We use the latest Matterport technology to transform a space into a 3D Model that online visitors can explore as if there in person. Using the latest technology the virtual tours combine infrared, 360 imagery and 4K photography to bring you a full scale model. You can also increase the interactivity with a virtual tour even more by using interactive tags that allow you to add anything from a video to a direct booking system. 


So how are 3D Virtual Tours helping the hospitality industry?


It’s no secret that the most popular method of marketing is online. Maintaining a social media presence allows your to increase brand awareness and build more of a relationship with your customers. It’s phenomenal the amount of ways we can use social media as a way of showcasing what we do. 


In a saturated virtual world, it’s vital that you look at ways your hotel can stand out from the crowd and virtual tours are a fantastic way to do just that. We are so used to scrolling through the same old pictures on never really knowing how the hotel truly looks or feels to explore or even what room they will be staying in. Whether people are searching to find the place they want to spend their hard earned money to get away on a family holiday or they’re travelling on a business trip we all want to know exactly what we are getting for the money. 


Virtual Tours can be done created in almost any part of your hotel, so why not show it off? Once your virtual tour has been created, users can have access to a tour of your hotel 24 hours a day from any device. Whether it’s a link shared on social media, a teaser video or a virtual tour embedded on your website it’s extremely easy for anyone to access and explore virtual tours. 


It’s not just about showing off your hotel facilities, virtual tours are a huge marketing tool. When people explore virtual tours on your website, they’re ultimately sticking around for much longer than they usually would. This is a fantastic way to boost yourself on Google as your page ranking improves. Take it a step further and use interactive tags to advertise upcoming events, offers, upgrades and restaurant bookings. All of which can be done within the tour so there is no need for users to leave your website. Not only will you see an increase in your statistics in the back end of your website, but virtual tours also give you back end statistics of how many impressions, visitors and unique visitors each of your tours get. 


Want to know more about how your hotel can stand out from the crowd with 3D Virtual Tours? Get in touch – [email protected]


Written by Georgia Flynn, hi-impact media