Should I Be Using Tik Tok for My Business?

There are so many social media marketing platforms in today’s world that it can be difficult to identify which platforms you should be using for your business. Do you need to be using all of them? How often should you be posting on them? What should you be posting on them? This quick read will give you just three simple areas you can look at to identify if you should be using Tik Tok for your business. However while Tik Tok for businesses has its benefits, you first need to be looking at your target audience to determine if it’s right for your particular business; there are a couple of things you can do to help you identify this and we often call this a ‘client persona’. 




What age bracket does your ideal client fit into?
This question can actually be pretty helpful to narrow down your platforms as you will often find that certain age categories fit within different platforms. For example, Facebook tends to appeal to an older audience whereas you may find that instagram has a much younger audience.
Are they male or female?
Typically this doesn’t matter too much but it may dictate what kind of content you want to be putting out or ways that you can appeal to your ideal client.
What are their interests?
It’s not all business! Your ideal client has a life outside of the office and it always works in your favour to know what kind of things they may be interested in as this will dictate what platforms they spend their time on.

To find out more about client personas check out this excellent article by Forbes which goes into greater detail. Read on to learn more about using Tik Tok for your business…

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Now we have that sorted, it’s time to look at your ‘why’. You will most likely already know this as it’s the central nerve system to your entire business. But knowing your why can also dictate the message you want to give to your world. For example, I am passionate about selling vegan dog biscuits because it’s more sustainable for the planet and our business believes in sustainable and nutritious products for our beloved fluffy friends. If that’s your reason, how do you want to tell the world? If the answer is with a series of fun videos or informative videos then maybe Tik Tok is actually a great place to start marketing your business.

Tik Tok is not just a platform for trending topics or dance routines. It has a great algorithm for putting content onto people’s feeds that they are looking for and enjoy. So if i’m a Tik Tok user who spends more time watching videos of pets and vegan diets than anything else, the chances are your business will appear on my feed. 

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Starting to think of some video ideas that could work for your social media marketing? Now is time to dig into the ‘how’. In the same way that we look at our instagram pages with a certain image we need to think about how you want to appear on Tik Tok. It’s important to think outside the box and throw away all the usual ways you have of selling your product or services as this platform is completely different. The most successful brands on Tik Tok sell their products or services by not letting the audience realise they’re being sold to. People use social media as an escape and if they feel like they’re being sold to they’ll swipe past your video within the first two seconds.

So how can you grab their attention without just telling them about your product? Let’s take the dog biscuits example. If you wanted to be on Tik Tok you could maybe make videos about the production of your biscuits to educate people on how they’re made or ‘five reasons why these biscuits have benefited my dog’. People will then start to engage more with your content and it builds a great sense of trust with your brand. 

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If Tik Tok is something you’ve been considering for your business for a while, give it a go. Run a test social media marketing campaign for a couple of months, create different types of videos and see how they perform. The results won’t come straight away but what you will identify is whether you get the audience you’re looking for, how much time it will take you to put effort into the platform and if it’s something that works for your business. You won’t see dramatic results immediately but you will at least get a feel for it. You may find that some of your videos get picked up and rocket into a viral sensation.

If you’re struggling to develop your brand or don’t know the next step to take with your social media marketing. Take a look at our upcoming events designed around developing your brand.

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