Photography Partnerships




We have several professional snappers on the team at hi-impact and as well as the usual one-off jobs we have begun to find that media partnerships work for a lot of our clients, giving them access to our full range of photographic services at a hugely discounted rate.

In the sporting world, we are official media partners of Tranmere Rovers Football Club and this takes us into several different departments across the business, including kit launch shoots with players visiting our studio to create a whole host of different images for the Club to choose from (we also get to see the new kits before anyone else and have to swear not to release any sneak peeks on pain of death!)

Retail is a growing market for our photography services and Tranmere have identified the benefit of presenting their merchandise in a professional manner on their eCommerce site. Rather than store staff taking pictures of new products on their phones, they now bring us boxes of goodies to photography in our studio with clean backdrops and the right tools for the job.

Aside from studio shots, we try to be creative wherever possible and Tranmere’s range of casual wear has been presented to them in a more contemporary style with outdoor shoots giving them a more urban feel.

One of the biggest areas of growth for venues such as stadiums is in conferences, events and hospitality. This is a speciality of ours and the team will often attend events at Prenton Park to capture them both with photography and video. Well framed, hi-res images are essential if you’re trying to give your online visitor an impression of quality and good service.

Creative content is something that clubs are always looking to generate to enable them to better engage with their fans and sponsors. One way in which help Tranmere to do this is through coverage or special events and by using our 360 degree technology. Whether it’s as part of a virtual tour of the conference and events spaces, filming Drone Racing on the pitch or even a CGI branded panoramic image for the commercial team to use to generate new sponsorship opportunities – we have created them all!

The benefits of working with us as a partner is that we can agree a bundle or package of work for the year ahead that you can eat into on a flexible basis rather than having to get quotes for individual jobs – this can work out to be significantly cheaper than buying into our services on individual occasions. Being a partnership also develops a unique trust between both parties which makes for a really nice working relationship!

Written by Simon Sloan, Operations Manager, hi-impact

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