Owen Drew England: Trip to Grasse




Head of Media, Georgia Flynn, has worked on a whole host of interesting jobs during her time at hi-impact; travelling to Paris, Dusseldorf and Galway to create training videos and virtual tours for esteemed clients such as Tommy Hilfiger- as well as working with a number of prestigious hotels, brands and various other establishments across England to film videos for their marketing teams.

Earlier this month, she was asked to do something completely different to anything she’d done before; following our media partner and local luxury fragrance connoisseur, Drew Cockton (Owen Drew England), to France, where he would work to design their new fragrance. 

Georgia was tasked with documenting each step of the journey from start to finish- allowing viewers to observe the fascinating process behind fragrance design. Discussing the project, she stated, “Travel vlogs are something i’ve always personally enjoyed watching and creating so naturally. I was super excited about this trip from the moment we booked it in!”

She continued.

“I love creating documentary style videos that involve travel and projects as it’s all about taking the viewer on a journey and seeing things from a different perspective. Travelling alone is mostly just sitting in an airport, hopping on a plane and arriving at your destination. But when it comes to showcasing that in a video, you have to think exactly how you plan to shoot it and when you want to film.”

Throughout the duration of their stay, Georgia and Drew resided in Nice; just a 40 minute drive away from the famous perfume houses of Grasse, where the fragrance would be designed.

When asked why it was important to film every element of the journey, including travel, Georgia stated, “The main idea of this video was to capture Drew as he gathered inspiration and of course designing the new fragrance. For this, I took the approach of capturing montage style shots of Drew’s journey as well as a couple of ‘update’ talking to camera style shots that we could share across their social media.

“Of course, when something exciting as this is going on, getting a quick edit together to go out on the same day was vital. People live for 24 hour content, especially on platforms such as Instagram with the use of stories. Being able to film with a D-SLR camera/DJI Osmo and produce a professionally edited piece on Instagram all in the same day certainly adds to the look and feel of the story and separates it from all other content. It also allowed us to ensure everything that was going out was on brand.

“It was such a different and exciting shoot to work on for a client and a really great way to showcase their journey to design the new fragrance. We’ve had the pleasure of filming many of Drew’s events before this and I’m even more excited to see where we can continue to develop this relationship with more content creation in the future.” 

Upon reflection of the project, Mr. Cockton had some wonderful words of praise for hi-impact’s media service and the professionalism of Georgia, telling us; 

Having Hi-Impact Media document my trip to Grasse was worth its weight in gold. Capturing what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ during the creative process of designing a perfume allowed us to generate original and interesting content for our followers on social media, many of whom said that they felt as if they were there with us. I noticed a huge spike in customer engagement during the trip and am excited to share more footage of the trip with our customers and followers. Georgia was so professional; nothing was too much trouble for her and she is an asset to the business“.

We thank Owen Drew England and Mr Drew Cockton for allowing us to share in this rich, educational, and wholly enjoyable experience. We hope there will be many more opportunities to work together in the future.