My week at hi-impact by Ethan Burns

Jul 15, 2019

My time at hi-impact was amazing, not only due to Jake the office dog but also all of the staff being very welcoming to me when meeting them on my first day. I was introduced to the team during my office tour and even though I applied for my work experience because of hi-impacts media team, meeting the other departments in hi-impact was helpful in learning how the business works.

During my time at the company I supported the curriculum team at a primary school, filming a Science workshops about the digestive system, which I was able to use to expand my knowledge on editing software with the media team helping me to create a video to use in portfolio. This was extremely valuable because of my interest in the media industry as a career path and this experience has only peaked my interest more.

I was also allowed to film on a project called ‘Coast2Country’ which I was looking forward to. This project was interesting as children’s art from around the Wirral was displayed at Williamson Art Gallery & Museum. This project taught them about plastic pollution and the dangers and problems it causes to our world. Also it allowed me to work with the cameras at hi-impact which I was looking forward to in my work experience, filming and taking photographs of the Mayor of the Wirral at the event was very memorable.

My time at hi-impact was everything I hoped to experience from editing to filming and it was made even better due to all the staff at hi-impact being extremely welcoming and helpful. The work I was able to do will definitely help in my College work and in my future career even if it is not in media. I would definitely recommend 

others who are in media to apply at hi-impact for work experience. 

Written by Ethan Burns, Cronton College