Merging Media

May 22, 2019

Different forms of media shouldn’t be seen as exclusive. Photography is a main-stay of any digital marketing strategy and video was a natural successor that has become the expected minimum. However, we are now living in a world of immersive content and that means multiple media types can be combined to create rich and engaging experiences for virtual visitors.

Venues, heritage sites and other companies with spaces to showcase are becoming increasingly aware that their client base demands more than just photography or video – traditional media that happens TO them. People want to interact, to engage and to explore. Immersive content such as virtual tours are becoming hugely popular not just in showcasing spaces but in educating and training people.



Being able to embed video content within virtual tours suddenly transforms a fairly flat and lifeless experience into something engaging. See how the famous Roman Baths use this technology to educate their virtual visitors:

The Roman Baths, Bath:



Recently, we’ve been approached by more and more clients requesting we create training videos for them. Whilst not a new concept by any means, we have taken this to a new level by embedding training videos within virtual tours so that they are positioned in the relevant locations on a customer site. This is particularly valuable for site inductions, helping new staff familiarise themselves with the layout of a building and explaining how to repair or operate machinery.

This use of the technology can also save a business by reducing lost revenue from shutdowns.

Imagine a production line that costs a business every time it is shut down for training – having a virtual training resource that is available to staff 24/7 on any platform clearly makes financial and logistical sense.




Venues that are showcasing their spaces can benefit from interactive content in so many ways. Below you can see how Norwich City Football Club embeds information, links to their website for booking and also the club promotional film:

Norwich City FC Lounge:


Hosted Image:

As well as blending videos into virtual tours, hosted images are another way to merge different media types. In the following example you can see how the Dalmahoy Hotel embeds images to give a glimpse of their gold course from the golf shop:

Dalmahoy Hotel and Golf:


Mixing your media types is something that is becoming more and more commonplace. If you’d like to learn more about creative ways to showcase your space, train your staff or give your online visitors a more engaging and educational experience just get in touch.
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