Meet Emily and Andy




Meet Emily and Andy, our latest additions to the hi-impact media team! Young, talented, enthusiastic and ready to learn; these two creatives have already made a marvellous first impression. To allow us to get to know them better, they kindly opted to take part in our traditional hi-impact interview Q&A. 

Where did they attend university? What was their first job? How have they settled into their new surroundings? Cats or Dogs? Does Pineapple belong on pizza? What’s their favourite supermarket?

Discover all below! 


Emily Smith, Digital Media Assistant (@hiimpactemily)


Where did you grow up? 
media vacancy


I grew up in Upton and still live here now.


Where did you go to school? 

I went to Redcourt St Anselms Primary School and Upton Hall School for Secondary and Sixth Form – I clearly like making it far out of the area (haha!). 

After that I went to Liverpool John Moores University to study Film.


What was your first job? 

I volunteered at Royden Park Café whilst doing DofE in school, but my first paid job was in Paperchase.


What interested you most about hi-impact when you were applying? 

I loved how diverse the company was – I knew from the varied client base that no two days would be the same, which is how I love to work. 


You’ve only very recently started. What are your impressions so far?  

The whole team has been so lovely and welcoming. I was a little nervous about working from home as I am such a sociable person but our team meetings are always so upbeat and have made me feel more confident about working out of office. I’ve absolutely loved everything I’ve been involved in so far and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. 


If you could give any advice to aspiring media creators, what would it be?  

Don’t wait to create! You don’t need any fancy kit or even a client / job to start working on your portfolio. Use your phone camera and your own imagination / interests to get started! It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as you’re exercising your skills! 


Cats or dogs? (This is the most important question of all!) 

Both! I have two dogs but have always wanted a cat. I plan to have one of each in the future – or maybe a couple more, haha.


Dying sounds. Dimming lights. Darkness engulfing the stage. The faceless figures watch on in silence as you resist the theatres’ cage. Your lines recited, your actions perfected, but the performance can go on no more. There is a thought you must divulge, something to shake them to their core. They leer and gasp in awe of your bravery; but nothing could prepare them for a final question quite so unsavoury – “Does pineapple belong on pizza?”

I wouldn’t order it, but I’m not opposed to it!



Andy Flush, Digital Media Assistant (@HiimpactAndy)

Where did you grow up? media vacancy

So I was actually born in Surrey, down south. We moved up to the Wirral when I was 6 as my dad worked in hospitality management and was relocating. I have lived on the Wirral ever since! First in Irby and now in Heswall.


Where did you go to school? 

I went to Barnston Primary School and then Wirral Grammar School. This is where I first discovered my love for media studies!


What was your first job? 

Since I finished Uni in 2017, I have been freelancing as a videographer. My first job in this field was shooting a promotional video for a pantomime in Liverpool!


What interested you most about hi-impact when you were applying? 

I loved the fact that hi-impact media cover a wide range of video content. That variety harkens back to my freelance days. It always keeps the job fresh.


You’ve only very recently started. What are your impressions so far?  

I’m just finishing my second day as i’m writing this but my first impressions have been wonderful. Everyone at hi-impact seems genuinely friendly and welcoming, in a (non obvious cliché way). I cant wait to start working creatively with the whole team.


If you could give any advice to aspiring media creators, what would it be?  

Throw yourself into everything you can at the beginning. Working for free and gaining work experience can be contentious subjects, but you just have to take everything you get offered whilst you’re learning. If you’re at university, take all the work experience you can and if you’re not, bang on every door you find. I found out what I was passionate about and what I was good at, specifically within media/design, by doing a lot of it and learning. There is so much inspiring tutorial content online for free these days that you don’t need anything more than your iPhone to start making videos of a pretty high quality.


Cats or dogs? (This is the most important question of all!) 

Dogs! We had cats and they all ran off when someone else started feeding them too. No loyalty…dogs all the way! 


The heavy beat of the drum wakes you from your apathetic sleep; it’s anarchic sound cutting deep. Amongst the organs, mind, body and bones; a rhythmic creature stifles it’s groans. Now given life through primal melody, it seeks to help others find their remedy. To answer the questions which shape the great riddle, it asks – “What’s better, Aldi or Lidl?”

…Aldi! Every day of the week 


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