Media Made Local

Did you know that 366 million new people started using social media in the past year? That’s more than a million new people joining social media every single day. Acquiring a loyal group of followers who like and interact with your online content is a powerful advertising tool for any business. The process can seem a little daunting when first starting out but engagement is something that you cannot buy, it’s something that you build. 


Whether you already work in the digital creative sector or if you are just starting out it will fundamentally be required of you to keep up to date with current trends and contest with your local competitors. Keeping content fresh and relevant can be hard especially when you are running low on creative juice. 

In this post, you’ll find a brief analysis of three Wirral based companies who are total champions when it comes to fresh social media designs and creative content. I hope this blog post offers up some tips for how you can also up your social media game and how to draw inspiration from your companies unique features. 

Evoke Creative

First up we have fellow Brombrourgh dweller Evoke Creative. Evoke are a leading provider and manufacturer of interactive digital self-service technology. The blog page of their website is a great example of simple but aesthetic. Having a blog as a company is a great way to draw traffic on your site but it only works effectively if it updated regularly and is producing blog content that is worth reading. 

The latest thoughts, trends and opinion from our team of industry experts”.  -Evoke’s blog tagline

Evoke keep their blog topics specific to the field of their work and industry. Due to the technical nature of their work as engineers and manufacturers. When starting your own companies blog you should ask yourself what areas of your business would make good talking points. Think about what sets your company aside from others and how you can offer commerce, advice or inspiration through a company blog.

Bettsy & Co

Bettsy&Co is a full-service media company that specialises in social media, marketing, graphic/web design and events. The Bettsy & Co branding is colourful, modern and is consistent across all of the companies social media pages. Their Facebook page directly averts attention to the animated header which plays automatically and on a loop. Although simple, the animation is eye-catching and distinctly outlines the key sections of the business before you even need to scroll. 

“The best time to post on Facebook is weekdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Wednesday is the best day to post while Sundays show the least traffic”.

A short animation about your company and its values is well worth the investment if you can’t create one inhouse. The animation will serve a wide range of purpose and will become a resource that can be reused as; a Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook banner, email footer, Instagram story or post, screensavers around the office, screengrabs of the animation can also be used as separate images. 

Another distinguishing feature of the Bettsy & Co facebook page is the use of professional photographs when posting images. Clear, high quality and visually pleasing images make a positive first impression to customers. Professional images help your company make a statement and draws peoples attention when they are scrolling through the Facebook news feed.

Caffe Creme

What I like most about Caffe Cream apart from their delicious ice cream, is their simple but super effective Instagram account. The photographs that they post draw inspiration from the surrounding locations of each of their parlours and highlight local beauty spots and attractions. Highlighting the surroundings of your business is a great way of creating engaging content and connecting with other companies and your neighbours. Befriending them is a great way of forming an alliance that will lead to promoting and sharing each others content.

Caffe Cream has three parlours on the Wirral, therefore, it has three times the opportunities when it comes to visual content. They maximise the aesthetics of their delicious looking ice creams by taking close up photographs so that it’s just the ice cream in the shot. This simple technique takes away the issue of having to stage a backdrop or background but still creates a visually pleasing image. 

When it comes to creating your own media for your social sites it’s important to think about the parts of your business that translate well into visual formats. Think about the types of media that match up with your companies vision and values. Research other similar companies for inspiration and then start creating and posting. If you already have social media accounts and what a refresh or rebrand across them then post about the upcoming changed and set a date which you can post a build-up too.

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