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About Livestreaming

From simple, free solutions to more professional and capable live productions hosted in our studio, our technical and education staff will be able to help you produce the best possible live content for your budget and target audience. Broadcast quality cameras and microphones will be combined with motion graphics and audio cues to achieve great results.

Why Should I Livestream?

Livestream popularity is on the rise. Experts believe it will account for 82% of internet traffic by the end of the year.

We can broadcast your event live via a high speed internet connection to a platform of your choice (Facebook, YouTube, Website etc.) to your audience regardless of where they are and what device they are using.



“Having worked with them on previous projects, getting excellent levels of support, we reached out to hi-impact L&D to help turn our traditional classroom-based seminar where we usually create significant levels of engagement, into an equally engaging, studio quality livestream. The session was a definite success, with our client feedback very positive resulting in meeting our objective of securing more business. The team at Hi-Impact were very supportive, professional and flexible offering a number of solutions to meet our needs. We are excited to work with the team on more exciting projects soon!”




Broadcast Quality

Operating state of the art technology used by television broadcasters we can produce a livestream that really wows your audience.

Anytime Anywhere

With purpose built machines and encoders we can conduct a stream at any time in any place. This means we can broadcast from your own premises or pre-record streams to go out at a later date!

Studio Support

If your business doesn’t suit the livestream look you can stream directly from our office based studio. This can be adapted to suit your needs.

Driven Results

We keep a keen eye on branding, audience and format meaning your stream can make a connection beyond the screen.

Fixed Camera Bundle

2 fixed cameras and microphones paired with a livestream operator and basic graphics.


Starts at £500 per event

Bespoke Streaming

We can stream to your specification with fixed or moving cameras, custom microphone setup and more advanced graphics. We will work with you to ensure your event is streamed exactly how you want it.

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