International Women’s Day 2021: Celebrating Local Women




It’s International Women’s Day – one of my favourite days in the calendar! This day brings so much excitement, happiness and joy to my soul because it’s all about celebration! Not only do we get to celebrate all of the fabulous women around the world, but we also do so in the knowledge that we’re getting closer to gender equality every single day. Sometimes it can feel like there is a day to celebrate everything at the moment, but as a woman who’s passionate about business and life, International Women’s Day is one of my favourites.

One thing I’ve grown to really hate over the years is lists like ‘Forbes 30 under 30, ‘Women of the year’ or when local papers do a ‘Top 40 people in the area’ – I think so many people get missed for whatever reason. I may be bitter because I’ve never made a list but, in my opinion, they’re always missing out on a lot of grafters – this is why I’m going to try and do things a little differently in this blog. Although this is International Women’s Day, I’d also like to make sure progressive-minded businesses, many of which are truly making a difference, also get some praise!

So.. let’s get to it! 


The Hive Team

If you’ve heard of The Hive, you’ll already know that it’s a fantastic place for young people and that their whole team always does phenomenal work for the local area – particularly over the past year. I’d like to give a special shout out to some of the Hive ladies I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with – Nikki, Heather & Lizzie. These ladies and their colleagues make a real difference in the local community! I’d also like to give a shout out to every single young girl and female volunteer at The Hive. You’re all awesome! 


Barbara Travis

At hi-impact media we’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Barb on a number of projects over the past couple of years. Not only is she an amazing person who always brings laughter to a room, but Barbara runs multiple businesses and initiatives including the Transformation Training Academy and local programmes for young people; such as Nexus and Weapons Down Gloves Up with a real passion which makes a big difference in the Liverpool City Region. 


Jodie Comer

 For me this blog wouldn’t be complete without Comer on the list. Killing Eve completely got me through the first lockdown and I think I’ve re-watched every season about four times since. In terms of acting, script, production and cinematography, Killing Eve is top-notch; especially if you’re looking for something to binge. Comer has been making her way onto screens for years in shows such as My Mad Fat Diary and Doctor Foster, but, for me, Killing Eve has just been the most badass performance! To know that was done by someone in our local area is truly inspiring. Jodie Comer is already a big name in Film & TV and is only going to get bigger. Even discounting all that, she seems proper sound and a right laugh! 


The Innovate Her Team

 I’ve known the fearless leaders of Liverpool Girl Geeks & Innovate Her for several years now and they’re no strangers to appearing on lists for the fabulous work they do! I’ve been lucky enough to work with them on several occasions now and it’s been a real joy to watch their whole team grow. 


Jayne Moore

 I’ve recently been taking part in the University of Liverpool’s Growth Catalyst course which has not only been a fantastic journey for me as a manager, but has also given me the opportunity to meet incredibly accomplished women, like Jayne Moore. Jayne has spent the past decade supporting local businesses with their strategy and has more recently released a new social impact mission to get more young people jobs. 


The Women’s Organisation

I’m pretty sure everyone in the Liverpool City Region knows about The Women’s Organisation or has been helped by them at some point in their lives. The many courses and networking events they’ve hosted have supported me well throughout my career, and there is a whole team of women behind the organisation to thank for that! 


Katarina Johnson Thompson

If you follow sport, you’ll know her as a rising star. I loved getting to see KJT at the 2021 Olympic Games and will be screaming my support for the local scouser when it comes to the next games. If her sporting achievements weren’t enough, Katarina has recently set up the KJT Academy to support young athletes looking to develop their skills. 


The ladies behind the Liverpool Music Scene

When most people think of Liverpool music their minds become filled with bands like The Beatles, The La’s, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Coral, Cast or The Zutons…just to name a few. But there are an abundance of talented, local women making great modern music who have been grafting in the local music scene for years. All you need to do is check your local gig listings to find them, but i’ll name a few of my personal favourites to get you started – Natalie McCool, Eleanor Nelly, Laura Oakes, and Zuzu. This is in addition to the ladies in bands such as Ev from Clean Cut Kid,  Lia from The Mysterines, and Bex from SPQR. That is literally just scratching the surface, there are tons! 



Finally, I would like to send praise to the ladies of hi-impact whom I have the absolute pleasure of working alongside. You’ll often see our media staff or consultants on social media, but there are a whole army of women within the team who work relentlessly to ensure the growth and success of the company is constant. It’s an honour to know them and to work in such a progressive setting. Our Managing Director, Alan Thompson, is truly passionate about equality and supporting career progression; fighting the good fight for women. For this reason, I’d like to extend my  thanks to him, as well.

I’m constantly inspired by so many women in the Liverpool City Region and the fact that we have such talent on our doorstep is breath-taking. I already know that there were likely a ton of women I’ve not mentioned here today that are making a difference in the local area. Luckily for us, we only have to look in the local news or head to a networking event to meet a plethora of inspiring, hilarious, courageous and driven women. So for now, let’s do just that. 

If you’re inspired by someone…go tell them! I promise it will make them smile. 

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