How to use Video in your Online Marketing Strategy




We talk a lot about the fact that your business should use video to promote engagement with your customers. But the question is where and how can you use it? Including great video content in your marketing strategy can increase time spent on your site, boost customer engagement and help drive business but are you sharing video across your online platforms in an engaging way?


You don’t need a massive budget to make sure your video is seen by a wide audience. Would you believe me if I said just a few hours of filming in your business could get you enough video content to spread across all of your online marketing platforms? Here are the platforms and ways you need to be sharing your video.



Did you know YouTube is the World’s second largest search engine? Did you also know that 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch video platforms than live TV? The great thing about YouTube is that you can upload for FREE! You don’t need to pay out thousands of pounds to get your business seen on TV or heard on the radio. Using YouTube gets your business message out there in just minutes. With 1.9 billion users and 400 hours of video uploaded every minute you need to make sure that your business is not only featured there but that it’s actually engaging content that people will stick around and watch.



Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day. They key to getting your audience to stop scrolling and take a look at your business is to capture their attention. Video is a great way of doing just that. There are certain actions that you can take on Facebook to get your video seen. Whilst your business video may be filmed in a normal ‘landscape’ style format, they can be edited to a square dimension to be more compatible with Facebook. Multiple edits can be created from just one film shoot which will enable you to work with a smaller budget.


Facebook advertising allows you to grow engagement, views and click throughs on your video with targeted campaigns. This doesn’t mean to say you need to pump a huge amount of money in getting your video shown to the masses. Start small and add a £1 budget to your video each day and see how it improves your engagement. You can have total control over everything from the areas you want the video to be promoted to the types of audience you want to reach.



  • Most people will decide if they want to stop and watch your video in the first 3 seconds so make them count!
  • Most people view videos with sound. Think about ways your video can engage without audio by using subtitles or animated text.



Twitter is all about interacting with others. The content is short, fast paced and ever changing. So when it comes to using video on Twitter think about ways you can engage interactions with your followers and how you can get them to stop and watch. Hashtags are still a huge part of Twitter and can be used to boost your video in feeds. Being more conversational will generate higher engagement across your Twitter so once your video is up… start that conversation. If someone ‘likes’ the video, ask them why… use the video as a way to start the flow of conversation and boost your interaction.



Whilst it is much easier and faster to post your Youtube link at the end of your LinkedIn post. The best way to implement video into your LinkedIn is with ‘native video’. This basically means uploading the video content directly on the platform itself. This will enable the video to autoplay on your feed as people scroll which is much more likely to grab attention.


You can upload video to Linked in by clicking on the video icon at the bottom of the box when you post. It’s also a good idea to use hashtags to increase engagement on your post. You will find that LinkedIn starts to suggest hashtags as you type them in.



The best thing to do with your instagram content is to experiment. If you have a business account, you are able to see the most popular times for engagement with your posts and what your audience likes to see. These stats will be extremely useful to you in deciding what to post and when to do so.


Instagram absolutely loves video and will get you a lot more engagement if you’re posting the right kind of content. Before making your instagram video, do some research into your audience and the types of content they like to engage with. You can create a variety of video formats for your instagram that will work on your feed, your stories and even on IGTV which is proving to be hugely popular in the modern day. If you’re getting a professional to shoot your content for you, make sure they are aware of where the video will be posted and they will be able to film in a way that works for the dimensions across instagram.


As with any social media platform, be sure to be using hashtags to increase your chances of being seen by a wider audience.



Email is probably the most dated way of sharing video as we’ve been doing so since the early 90’s! Fear not… email is still a great way to get people to engage with your video, you just need to be clever about it.


People aren’t going to be clicking on a link no matter how obvious you make it in your email. You want to be using an actionable thumbnail image that actually gets them to click onto your video. Even doing things that make it super obvious by adding a fake play button on top of the video.


However, when it comes to choosing where you host that video you need to be clever. You do not want to be sending people to a video that plays on a YouTube channel you set up just for the purpose of this email with no icons or any easy way of contacting you. Embed the video on your website and send them there.


TOP TIP: If you want to take it a step further, you can also use an animated GIF behind the fake play button to make it seem like the video will be autoplaying in the email.




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