This is, of course, a very serious and troubling time that we are all facing with uncertainty. This blog is by no means intended to trivialise the hardship that many of us will experience over the coming weeks or months, however, we must try to see the positives that can come from this usual time. The shutdown of all social events and gatherings means that we all have a lot more spare time, which we must make use of.

Social Media 

Never has there been a more important time to stay connected with others through social media than now. I also advise taking the time to look through the pages and groups that you follow on your professional account and remove any that are oversharing negative content about the coronavirus. Connect with pages who are in a similar position as yourself and are looking for positive connections and to build an online sense of community.  

Refresh the business accounts you own for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Reword your bios, create a new circular version of your logo for the profile picture, update the paragraphs of your CV on LinkedIn, post photographs of your home desk or empty work-space, get involved with the social challenges and post your responses.

Use the time to learn a graphic design site such as; Stencil, Snappa, DesignBold, PicMonkey or Canva and create a bank of resources. Most of the sites listed offer free plans and can be used to design; infographics, posters, brochures, newsletters, menus, calendars, social graphics, gift certificates, programmes, proposals and reports. Use these either to inform your customers of how you are operating during the isolation period or create ones to be used when you reopen and relaunch.

Video Content
If your business hosts workshops, seminars, classes, sessions, talks, debates or any other type of presentation then you may be able to live stream to your customers during this period. We are now seeing many examples of how activities that are usually live and in person can be adapted into a virtual process and be streamed from home instead. Some examples of this are virtual lessons, live-streamed workouts from Joe Wicks, live-streamed bingo by Bongos Bingo and even live-streamed mass by churches. If there are aspects of your business that can be live-streamed then now is the perfect time to experiment with it. Click here to learn more about live streaming across different social platforms.

If live-streaming is something that can not be applied to your business, then you should look at creating a home-recorded video update. Film a short video on your phone addressing your followers and customers and let them know how your business is operating and the changes that you are currently making. Encourage your followers to respond by asking questions and leaving comments. Allowing customers to see behind the scenes of your business by sharing an honest and personal message is a great way of building trust and rapport.

With so many of us currently off work or working from home, it’s become paramount that we find new ways to engage ourselves both intellectually and emotionally; doing our best to avoid the dreaded ‘dip’ in mental well-being.

We hope that, by immersing yourself in creative tasks like these, that you will regain your enthusiastic spark and know that, despite this difficult period, things will soon look up again.



Additional options to explore:
Start a company podcast
Start a company blog.
Update your website
Learn a new skill
Self-teach software (i.e Photoshop) 
Send out a virtual newsletter or Mailchimp

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