How to Create a Case Study Video for your Business

Dec 11, 2018

Case study videos are a very powerful way to demonstrate how much you value your brand. Using stories from real customers builds a greater trust with potential new customers and encourages them to take action.

A quick testimonial to share across social media is great but a video case study brings a new level of authentic emotion that a review or quote never could. Not only that, but many platforms favour video content in their algorithm which means you are more like to appear on top of search engines.

So how would a case study video look for your business? Let’s break it down into 3 steps.


Set clear goals and define your audience

Who are you making this video for? What do you want to say and who do you want to convince? Start by narrowing your audience down. You may feel you want to appeal to everyone in one video but by doing so you will end up diluting your content. A better approach would be to focus on making smaller case study videos and targeting them at specific areas.

For example, if you were a clothing company you might have one case study video where a customer was really satisfied with the quality of the product. You could focus on what you do as a business to achieve this quality by showing areas of planning and production, staff double checking everything and taking extra care to ensure great quality. Mix that in with some shots of your happy customer wearing it, showing their friends and talking about how happy they are with it and you’re onto a winner.

On the other hand, you may want to appeal to a different audience with a case study about the ‘journey’ of the product getting to the customer. You could utilise the shots of the planning and production again but this time maybe take a twist on how it gets to the customer. Add an emphasis to how easy it is for a customer to place their order, have it delivered quickly and give instant feedback on their experience.

Decide what you want focus on and stick to it.


Tell a compelling story

Whilst you want your case study to be short in order to keep the audience engaged, it is also important to tell a story. Once you have a customer who has agreed to take part in your video, it is important to plan what your want them to focus on. Make them feel comfortable by having a pre-interview chat and talk through their experience with your business. This may give you a few extra ideas you haven’t thought of before.

Break your story down into smaller parts;

  • The situation
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • The outcome

You can navigate around these parts with your customer using interview questions.

For example,

The situation may be that they had just moved house and wanted to get double glazing fitted.

The problem was that they are short on cash because they had paid out so much for the house and had already had a bad experience with a building company.

The solution is that you offer a payment plan and fast effective service. You work with the customer to identify key dates and work to strict deadlines. The customer has constant contact with your team throughout.

The outcome is that your customer was able to get their double glazing fitted with no hassle and are happily using their payment plan to pay it off. They are now prepared to give a great testimonial about the service they received.

By showing a small part of each stage of the process, you will keep your viewers engaged and end on a positive.



Think about the visuals

Before you even start your video, you need to think about where it is going to be used. This will not only dictate how long your video should be or what it will contain but also what size the video needs to be to best fit on the platforms you are using it on.

On most platforms, people will see your video as they are scrolling down their social media platform. Your first aim is to make them stop scrolling. What exciting shots are you going to use to grab their attention in the first 30 seconds? You may want to use subtitle style text to grab their attention as many users won’t automatically have their sound playing as they may be watching on a busy train or in a room full of people.

Once you have their attention, you then need to think about how you can get them to not only watch the video to the end but to engage and take action. Once they have watched your video, what do you want them to do? You may want to have a call to action on the post such as ‘Like this page’ or ‘Buy Now’. However, you may just want to have this video to increase your brand awareness or show to clients as you attend meetings.

Whatever the purpose of your case study video, think about how to make it as visually compelling as possible.

So there you have it, now you’re fully armed go make that video! Just kidding, we know it can seem an overwhelming process but trust us, it’s one that will definitely benefit your business in one day or another. If you’d like help putting together your video case study, speak to us about how you can create the right video for your business. Budgets are tight and this may be something you want to take on yourself but remember, video agencies like ours are available to take this worry off your hands and put together a video you can be proud of.

Written by Georgia Flynn, hi-impact media