Frustrated by your underwhelming video interview? Here’s where you went wrong.




At hi-impact, we shoot our fair share of talking-head interviews and while most clients come prepared, some don’t always know what is expected from them. So we thought we would share some preparation tips so that you can get the most out of an interview shoot.


Prepare a Script

Unless you are a complete natural in front of the camera then don’t count on just winging it. Even the most confident of people will struggle to think of words when placed in front of a camera. Whilst we can help with making you feel comfortable and relaxed, we cannot help you with your script or what you need to get across. So please, please put effort into your script and plan out what you want to say so you can be as efficient and informative as possible.


Less is more

This leads us onto our next tip… less is more! 

“Most people prefer to see video content rather than hear it – 85% of video views on Facebook are watched on mute. 33% of viewers will stop watching after 30 seconds if you haven’t piqued their interest, 45% after one minute”

– Limelight Marketing (2017)

Keep your interview short and concise to improve the effectiveness of it and always make sure it has subtitles or captions which can be added to any video uploaded to YouTube. Think about your own scrolling habits and how you decide on which videos to watch. How long will you watch a video for? What makes you stop and watch one in the first place? How much information do you retain or remember from previous videos? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself when you are writing the script or deciding on the style of interview you give. 


Prepare a suitable location

It’s important to choose a location that looks suited to the nature of the interview. Of course, we can assist with this process when on-site and provide lighting but there are some things you should think about before we arrive. Although places of work and offices often do work best for corporate talking head interviews, it’s worth carrying out a recce and observing the following;

  • Which room or area in your building has the best natural light?
  • Can you control the volume of the room by shutting windows, doors and switching off machinery or air conditioning? 
  • Can you arrange the backdrop to make it more interesting and reflective of the tone of the interview?


Dress the part

Again this depends on what subject is being discussed but it is important to think ahead to what you will wear for your interview. The only no go is close repeating patterns such as pinstripe that are usually on ties, shirts or dresses as they can cause a moiré effect which can’t be removed in post-production. Solid colours, as opposed to other prints or patterns, are said to be the most complimentary and cinematic looking style of clothing. 


Include time for B-roll shots

In order to make your talking head interview more engaging, it is vital to include some b-roll shots i.e cutaway that can relate or enhance what the interviewee is currently discussing. If the interview was taking place in an office for example and the person was discussing his employee’s, cutaway shots of people working at their desk, taking calls, typing or having group meetings adds visual interest and context to the interview. Cutaways are also used to mask cuts, allow for dubbed audio, audio corrections or to hide unwanted moments in the interview shot.


Interested in having a Talking Head video filmed which effectively showcases your business? Then please get in touch for a free consultation with hi-impact media. We can help you decide on which style is right for you and offer advice on what you can achieve with your desired budget. 



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