Fresh Out of Lockdown: Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience




As the UK begins to travel through the roadmap we’ve all waited so patiently for, it’s important to look at how you engage with your audience and how that changes as we start to adjust to a different way of life. The UK has now been through multiple lockdowns and each one has brought completely different marketing challenges, forcing businesses to develop new strategies and ideas for hitting their audience. Hey let’s face it, we’re not just fighting a pandemic… we’re fighting to stand out amongst algorithms, crowded markets, new social platforms and even new creators… it can all feel like a bit much. 

The 12th April saw the re-opening of non-essential retail including hairdressers, clothing stores and pubs. Needless to say we’ve seen an influx of pictures and videos on social media as people dash out the door for a pint with friends! As we see the hustle and bustle begin to return we can easily forget to keep up with the online marketing we’ve been doing when the world was stuck behind a screen but here are some little hacks that can help you keep your audience engaged online. 


Keep showing up

One of the most important things you can do to build your online presence is to keep showing up. It’s no good putting up a post that does really well and engages your audience if you’re going to disappear for a month before your next one. It doesn’t have to be every single day, but make sure you’re at least showing up for your followers on a regular basis. 


Try something new

What platforms do you currently use and how are they working for you? ARE they working for you? Think about something effective you’re not doing and determine how you could do it. 

For example, you may be on Instagram and post something to your feed every day but are you using stories effectively? Have you ever posted a reel? Keeping your content creative in different ways can relight interaction with your audience members who may have disengaged. If you want to think bigger why not throw something completely new into the mix like trying your hand at Tik Tok or starting a business podcast. Let’s not get carried away, not every platform or method will work for everyone but it’s all about trying things out and seeing how they go. 


Be authentic

This is arguably the most important thing you can do on social media right now. Simply put, if you’re not authentic in your posts – if it’s not truly your voice behind the content, then you’re just not going to get any engagement. People will always engage more with content they can believe in. Don’t go making a video to try and fit in with a trend if it isn’t you or your brand – it just doesn’t work. They show up on your platforms to see you and your brand so make sure that’s what they’re getting. You want to give them something different to look at… something to stop those thumbs from scrolling!


Use video in your content

We talk about video a lot because it’s effective. The impact a video can have on your engagement levels can be massive. It doesn’t have to be an all singing, all dancing video. Film something on your phone and get it out on your social media. Now the country is opening up again, people want to see what’s going on and what your business is doing so make it simple for them. No matter what platform you use, film something and get it out there!


Engagement is a two way street

Many businesses fall into a trap of ‘take, take, take’ when it comes to social media. It’s 2021 and social media is all about sparking conversations and keeping them going. Whilst it’s important that you make a splash and people see what you’re doing, it’s also important that you show up for them too.

Seen a business or friend do something on social? Likes, shares and saves go a long way when it comes to helping people out but don’t be afraid to comment and engage in conversation. It doesn’t matter if your businesses wouldn’t typically work together or even if they’re a competitor what matters is that you’re part of the conversation. 



We hope these simple hacks can serve as the nudge you need to keep plodding on with your social media. Sometimes it can feel like it’s a never ending battle to fight to be seen online but it’s all about being there.. Whether that’s online or in person. 

Good luck to all businesses who are opening back up, adjusting to a different style of working or carrying on as you have been for the past crazy year. We can’t wait to see what you get up to. 

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