5 Styles of Video for Social Media

In the past, we have talked in-depth about types of video you could be using to give both your business and your brand a boost on social media. This week, however, we’ll be focusing on videos specifically designed for your social media platforms.

Whilst it does work to share old video links on social media, the modern world is moving fast and people want to see a constant stream of new content being produced. The best chance you have of boosting your brand online is to create and optimise your content for specific platforms. 

What does that mean exactly? In short, different platforms have different ways of working and whilst longer business videos may work on some platforms such as LinkedIn, they will most certainly not stand out on platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, where you need to get your message across in a shorter amount of time.

No matter what your business is, there is a style of video and a platform that will work best for you. To find it, however, you’ll need to be bold and mix it up a little to find it.

Here are 5 styles of social media video that could work for your business:


Whilst you may not feel comfortable getting in front of a camera, interviews are a great way to interact with your audience by answering their questions. You can interact with your followers and get their questions beforehand with comments/hashtags or even sit down with a colleague and have an on-screen chat.


Giving people a peak behind the scenes is a fantastic way to give people an insight into your business and the people behind it. This could be anything from an office tour to the most recent project you’ve been working on.

Promos and Deals

No matter the platform, everyone loves a good deal. If you’re offering a discount on your service or product, then a video is a great way to get people engaged. This video could be a simple animated text graphic of a short preview of what you’re offering.


Do you have big news you’d like to share? Why not do it with a video? Whether it’s a pre-filmed video that you release or you decide to ‘Go Live’ on your platforms.. An easy watch style video is something a lot of people will get on board with.



Social media is a great way to create a buzz for both people at your event and those who couldn’t make it. Events are unique because you can generate a buzz with video before, during and after.

The biggest factor in regards to social media is consistency. A lot goes into making a video for your business and it’s easy to be downhearted if your first video isn’t a big hit, but the trick is to keep going! Don’t just think of it in terms of one video but think of how a series of videos could be released across your platforms. 

Do some research into why your last video didn’t perform well, what could you have done differently and what are other people doing to gain traction on their videos? Could you add subtitles so that people don’t have to click to watch? Do people prefer to see graphics or do they interact more with someone talking to a camera? Before releasing a video, show it to colleagues, friends or even a handful of clients for feedback.

As always, we are always here for advice if you are looking for a media partner to support your content creation. Get in touch – [email protected] 

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