Five reasons to get a 3D Virtual Tour

Oct 1, 2018

Reason Number 1: Showcasing your venue by using Virtual Tours as a digital marketing promotional tool. Got a space to sell or hire? Allow potential hirers to explore from the comfort of their own home, without taking time out of their busy schedules to make a site visit. Save your sales staff time in showing people around and make your venue available 24/7 online, using embedded interactive content to explain more about why it’s right for them.

Reason Number 2: Training! Virtual Training is the next big thing and companies are realising that they can save huge amounts by not having to shut down their production lines and use a virtual representation instead. Another benefit is in training staff at hazardous sites where health and safety training can be carried our ahead of a site visit. Training is being revolutionised by Virtual Tour Technology.

Reason Number 3: Education! Interactive content can be embedded into your virtual tour, allowing you to create a virtual field trip with text, web links or even videos to further explain about an area or object within the tour.

Reason Number 4: Accessibility is crucial, especially at a site that is difficult to explore with physical mobility restrictions or dangerous areas. A Virtual Tour opens up locations previously inaccessible and allows the user to still have the feeling of exploration – something photos of videos cannot give.

Reason Number 5: You want to stand out from the crowd? Highlight the differences between you and the competition? A Virtual Tour will give you the edge and make your potential clients wonder what your competitors are hiding by not having one!

Written by Simon Sloan, Operations Manager, hi-impact media