Explore 5 of The Best Conference and Events Spaces in The UK




With the world at a standstill, we thought we’d try to get it spinning again by sharing our collection of five of the best Conference and Event Spaces in the UK. We can’t wait until they’re packed with audiences again!

British Airways Rose Garden, Twickenham Stadium

The British Airways Rose Garden is located within Twickenham Stadium’s newly rebuilt East Stand and is a fun and lively roof terrace largely covered with open areas giving it that ‘outdoors feel’. If you are looking to do things differently, The British Airways Rose Garden offers menus based around a street food concept using built in stone baked fired pizza oven and rotisserie.

Corinthia Hotel Ballroom, London

London’s 5 Star Corinthia Hotel is packed full of spectacular event spaces, with none so opulent as The Ballroom. 

Executive Lounge, Liverpool Football Club

One of World football’s finest stadiums, Anfield’s newest addition is the phenomenal new Main Stand, which houses level upon level of increasingly more luxurious spaces for your events. Standing at the very top of this is the Executive Suite, and with its glass doors opening up to reveal the perfect view of that hallowed turf, this space is about as good as they come!

Nelson Room and Dreadnought Room, Trafalgar Tavern, London

The grand space of the Nelson Banqueting Rooms overlooks the Thames from its ideal position in Greenwich, offering gorgeous views of London to compliment the plush surroundings.  Elegant chandeliers, rich wooden floors and floor to ceiling windows are only some of the striking features that this venue has to offer.  Next door, the Admirals Gallery bar is the ideal wharf for any aspiring seafarer.                

Shooting Suite Lodge, Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire

Cheshire’s Country Estate has seen some big changes in recent times, and the newly refurbished Shooting Lodge has a vibe all of its own, echoing that of an Alpine lodge with its wooden beams and large fireplace in the breakout room! 

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