Experience the ‘Imagine Wirral’ Spectacle!

Aug 30, 2019

2019 has been a very exciting year for the Wirral as it welcomes the title of Borough of Culture. The initiative has brought together a fantastic line-up of cultural events and activities that are taking place throughout the year (the full line-up of events can be found here imaginewirral). The program is set to showcase Wirral’s local talent, performance spaces and highlight existing community events. Cultural showcases like this create opportunities for local businesses and creatives to collaborate and engage with projects.

‘It has long been recognised that there is a connection between the arts and health. People benefit from being in a conducive environment enhanced by good design and art, as well as from active engagement in creative pursuits. The benefits relate mainly to emotional health and wellbeing; through the power of music, literature and the visual arts to provide deep relaxation and emotional release, or the opportunities provided by the arts for self-expression and enjoyable social contact’. 

-Arts Council of Wales


As humans, we are engaged by spectacle. When we experience something visual it evokes past feelings and memories which help to improve brain function and mental and physical health. In the media team, we get to experience the benefits of creative thinking each day in the office. This then inspires us to continue being creative outside of work in our personal lives which then goes on to infect the people around us.

Here at hi-impact, we have been taking full advantage of imagine Wirral and have been enjoying the variety of local events which the majority of have been free. It’s not every day that we are lucky enough to have great resources of content on our own doorstep.  Attending and engaging with the creative initiative is a great way to boost the dopamine in your brain which can make you feel motivated and inspired. So why not take yourself and the kids on a cultural experience and see if you can experience the benefits yourself. 


If you find yourself lacking in imagination and creative ideas either in work or on your own projects then take some time to experience the art of others and visit some of the fantastic exhibitions hosted by Imagine Wirral. 


Events not to be missed


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Saturday 7th September

Birkenhead Park 



Wirral Food & Drink Festival 

Saturday 7th September – Sunday 8th September 

Birkenhead Park



Distinctly Exhibition

Friday 27th September – Sunday 24th November

Williamson Art Gallery



Wirral Arts Festival
Sunday 28th September – Saturday 12th October 

Various Venues



Museum of the Moon 

Friday 25th October – Friday 15th November 

Birkenhead Town Hall



Written by Jessica Leasor, hi-impact media

Photos by Georgia Flynn, hi-impact media