Event Video Production – Make your event stand out from the crowd

Event Video Production is an amazing way to make your event truly memorable. Not only does it leave a lasting memory for those who were lucky enough to attend the event in person, it also allows an online audience to get a feel for the event and encourage more people to attend in the future.

Organisers put so much effort into planning an event, so what can you do to ensure your event stands out from the crowd?

Here at hi-impact, we have built long-standing relationships with a wide range of partners to help showcase their event in the best possible way. Whether it’s an event video, photography on the night or pre-made graphics for displays across the event, we pride ourselves on being flexible, creative and efficient when it comes to covering your event. 

What types of events should you film?

Networking Events

Networking events are actually something people can be quite fussy about attending. They want to know that it’s going to be something different and of course, something they can benefit from. A video of your networking event allows you to show the world just how exciting and unique your event is. Those who attend networking events love to shout about it, so what better way to make it more fun by having a video that they can share with their network which will also increase your social engagement. 

Conferences and Speaking Events

So much effort goes into planning a conference or a speaking event that organisers truly deserve to make sure it is showcased in the best way possible. It does come back to the point of encouraging social media engagement but it also makes it easy for future guests, clients and speakers to learn about the event and want to get more involved. 

Awards Ceremonies

Awards ceremonies are a truly special occasion and one that teams will remember for many years to come. It is the perfect way to capture the glitz and glam of the event whilst also recording the achievements that have happened that night. It makes it feel that it’s not all about the winners, it’s something any attendee will remember for a long time. Not only can you show off your winners with interviews and cutaways but you can also showcase any sponsors.

We have worked on a wide range of Awards shows such as the Stadium Experience, Liverpool Chamber and LGBTQ+ Business Awards. There has never been an awards night we have filmed where our team haven’t left with a buzz from capturing the event as they are amazing and capturing this with photography and video is a magical experience. 

Event Video Production
Event Photographer
Event Video Production
Event Video Production

Legacy Events

Aside from the normal realms of events, there are many opportunities to capture a moment that leaves a legacy. Whether it’s a launch party, a charity event, team building or a special business event, capturing it with video and photography ensures that the memories created at your event last forever.

Finding the right media event partner can be a tricky one for any event organiser. There are a lot of things to consider and you want to ensure you have a team on board that you can trust. Why not just take pictures on your phone? Why not just use the videos attendees take on the day? Because your event deserves more. Let’s go to some quick Q+A’s;

What are the benefits of event filming?

Reach a larger audience, encourage participation both online and offline, increase interest for future events and truly capture memorable moments.


How do I work with an event videographer/photographer?

When looking to work with us for your event, we meet to identify your needs and work to your budget. Once we understand your event, we put together a plan for filming that let’s you know exactly what will happen on the night, who will be filming/photographing, the types of content we will capture and how.

We then look at the deliverables. Where you would like your event video to go and when it needs to be released. Our team are very used to tight deadlines and understands the importance of getting post-event content out quickly.

What services do hi-impact offer for events?



We offer video, photography, animated visual graphics, graphic design for marketing and also live streaming of events. Our aim is to go above and beyond with each of these services.


How much does it cost?

Take a look at our event coverage brochure here. If you would like a bespoke quote or a conversation with our team about your event, you know where to find us!

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Event Video Production – Make your event stand out from the crowd

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