Entering the final week: 40% off Business Promo’s

Jan 24, 2020

Filming a short for your business is easier than you think.

What we provide:

  • A team of innovative media experts 
  • Professional HD cameras
  • Multiple edit dimensions to use across your social media
  • Adobe editing specialists
  • Fully licenced library of high-quality sounds

What we need from you:

  • An insight into your company and content needs
  • Dates for filming 

We arrange the rest.

To kickstart the new year and new decade this January we are offering a massive 40% off promotional videos to all North West businesses! 

We love working with the knowledge that we are genuinely helping our clients, which is why we relish the opportunity to work with those who may not be familiar or have previously underutilised video content as a media and promotional tool.

It’s very important to note that video, unlike many other marketing vehicles, is not going anywhere. This is because video advertising/showcasing goes beyond simple trends. It’s neurologically and psychologically proven to me more effective than any other mainstream technique; with visuals being processed by the brain up to 60,000 times faster than text (wmgagency. 2014). This point is made even more salient by a recent study’s findings, which discovered that 85% of viewers within a key consumer demographic (18-34) are more likely to purchase a product after having watched a video of it being displayed. (Sweeney, E, 2018).

Listen, we get it, it’s understandable that the thought of creating a video, and what that might entail, can seem daunting. But those fears are what the hi-impact team are there to allay. 

We will determine what style of video will be best suited to your marketing strategy and how you should be engaging with your customer base.

Whether it be an explainer video which aims to teach customers how to build or solve problems, an internal training video for your team, social shorts to tell the story of your business, adverts, company culture videos, social media teasers or testimonial videos to bring life and substance to your reviews; hi-impact’s experienced and passionate team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure your video content is of the highest possible standard.

We have a range of video packages available from hourly to full-day rates but with this offer, we will provide up to 4 hours of filming (half-day) for just £300, a 40% decrease from our standard £500 service. This package includes up to four hours filming on location, two rounds of editing, a single licenced audio track and basic motion graphics. Multiple edit dimensions for different platforms such as square, portrait and full screen with accompanying short promo teasers will also be provided. 

If you are looking for a way to freshen up your brand or launch a new product, then get in contact with hi-impact media and book a promo video before the end of January. We believe our promotion offers an affordable solution for video content and a unique opportunity to establish a collaborative partnership with hi-impact media, who specialise in enhancing brand strength through the creation of outstanding content.