Emma Lamb – My First Week!  




After previously working in an NHS Microbiology lab for the last 9 years, moving to a job in an office was a bit daunting to say the least! I’ve always loved writing and over the last few years have been marketing for my social media account and also creating freelance content for web clients. After the pandemic hit, It made me evaluate what was important and I focused on finding a full time job doing something that I love. 

After seeing the post for the marketing position at hi-impact and researching the company, seeing their amazing work and also reading about their values, I knew that this was the type of creative and passionate company that I wanted to be a part of. When I went for the interview I was greeted at the door by Jake the office dog and I was sold already! I was so happy to get the job and may have actually squealed on the phone when I found out!

I came to meet the rest of the team prior to the interview which helped me feel less nervous for my first day as I got the initial first meetings out of the way. The company has lots of different departments but it instantly felt like one big family who collaborate together and look out for each other.

When it came to my first day, I still had the usual butterflies and a mixture of nerves and excitement. I had already pre-prepared what I was wearing, made my lunch the night before and got my tea mug ready! When I walked in I was greeted by my lovely marketing team and a little plant on my desk. This was definitely a novelty after working in a lab for so long and I really love having my own creative space to call my own.

My first morning started with a meeting with my manager, Dionne, an introduction to some of the departments and a tour round to say hi to everyone again, including the stick insects in the consultancy department. I remember thinking that this definitely won’t be a boring place to work and I was right! 

The week progressed at a similar pace with lots of online courses, meetings and inductions. I instantly felt like part of the team as everyone was so lovely and made me feel at home. Our office in particular has the most random playlist of songs playing in the background, outbursts of singing and the funniest conversions, which helps keep things interesting on a daily basis!

My first week went by so quickly and on Friday I went out to two events which was a lovely end to the week and a chance to meet businesses in the local community. I really feel that hi-impact is the perfect place for me to develop my marketing skills and grow within my role. It’s rare to find a place that you feel comfortable in straight away but I did here and I’m so grateful that they picked me to join the family. 

Emma with her Daughter, Jessica, during their first trip to Fort Belan with hi-impact!

Get to know Emma a bit more and follow her marketing journey by adding her on Twitter: @hiimpactemma

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Emma Lamb – My First Week

After seeing the post for the marketing position at hi-impact and researching the company’s amazing work, I knew I wanted to join!