School Graphic Design

Through communication and collaboration with your staff – hi-impact will work tirelessly with you to perfect your school’s content.


Looking to flaunt what your school through something a bit more vibrant? Try a hi-impact brochure! Colourful, engaging and packed with information; the hi-impact team will help you design a unique and visually striking brochure which can be used for years to come.

Prices are structured to align with how long any given brochure might take to complete; offering flexibility to even the tightest of budgets. Check out some examples of brochures we have made below!  

school brochure design
brochure design
brochure school design

School Banners

banner graphic design

Regardless of the occasion, the media experts at hi-impact will work flexibly around your schedule to create an attractive and striking banner design which perfectly encapsulates the spirit of your school. 

Offering up their expertise during every step of the creative process – hi-impact’s designers word hard to ensure your vision is fully realised. 


*Prices for banners are structured on a time-to-complete basis.*

Logo Design

A logo tells a story, and hi-impact believe every school has a story worth sharing! By using their wide range of expertise in art, design and computer-generated graphics, the creative team at hi-impact can provide your school with the face-lift it deserves. 


*Final product(s) will be sent to you in the form of high quality JPG’s and PNG’s for the purpose of reuse.*


Digital Reimaging of your existing logo

From £150 + VAT (+£50 for optional Letterhead) 

– High Resolution JPG

– High Resolution Transparent PNG


Partial Redesign of your logo

From £250 + VAT (+£50 for optional Letterhead)

– High Resolution JPG

– High Resolution Transparent PNG


Full Redesign of your logo

From £350 + VAT ( Consultation and complete redesign)

– Includes high resolution JPG, PNG and Letterhead deliverables

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