Creative Onboarding Ideas to Combat ‘Ghosting’ 




An onboarding strategy that empowers new employees is key to improving staff retention. However employers often miss the mark. During the last few years there has been a massive shift in the employment market which has seen a huge rise in resignations and career changes. 

As remote work grows in popularity and geography no longer factors into hiring, it has been increasingly difficult for employers to hold onto their staff.

This shift has given more choice to job seekers and with it more power. It’s now a candidate’s job market and with this change comes a growing trend of ‘ghosting’ in the workplace. Without a strong onboarding process this trend is worryingly set to rise. 

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting has now crossed over to the business world and there has been a surge of job seekers who either; accept interviews and don’t show up, take job offers but fail to show up on their first day, or employees that leave in the middle of a shift and never come back.

There are many issues why this might be happening; they may have accepted a job elsewhere, their current employer might have made them a counter offer, the agreed salary may not be what they wanted or they may have simply decided that the position isn’t for them.

The truth is no one knows for sure why this is becoming more commonplace and why communication seems to break down in many cases. Employers now have to recognise this growing trend and take measures to adjust.

The most important first step is to open up the channels of communication from the start and throughout all stages of the onboarding process. Companies need to make a positive impact and create an onboarding experience that will attract the right candidates, engage with them, and get them to stick around. 

Below are a few examples of companies that have done this right along with some creative ideas to shake up your onboarding strategy:

Create an Engaging Video Onboarding Strategy


Videos provide a powerful engagement tool during onboarding and have many benefits, including:

  • A reduction in training costs; once invested in video and learning platforms can be utilised over and over again. 
  • Improved knowledge retention; studies have shown that viewers retain up to 95% of the messages delivered through video, compared to 10% by text. 
  • A more efficient onboarding process; videos quickly and effectively teach new employees the essentials about their role and how the company operates. 

Video can be used during all stages in the onboarding process. The most impactful of all these is the ‘company culture’ video which can be sent out to employees before their first day to give them a better sense of the company’s values. 

Two great examples of ways to deliver this message are the videos by Canva and Hubspot. Both are different in their style and approach but give a real sense of their company’s unique personality. 

Another way of giving your new hire an insight into your company is with a ‘day in the life’ or ‘first week’ video. These help to answer any questions your new employee might have and give a glimpse of what a typical day/week may look like in their new role.

A good example of this is Googles ‘Interns First Week’ video which provides new staff with an insight into what to expect along with interviews from recent summer interns about their experience:


A welcome video from the CEO or manager is also a really nice way to put a face to a name and will make your new hire feel welcome and valued from the start. Your CEO will convey their passion about the company which will make it much more personal than in email or text form, and help build trust.

Make an impact by Adding Virtual Training Tools in Your Onboarding


49% of employees believe that lack of training is the main reason that they’ve been put off a company. This means it’s now more important than ever to provide a better onboarding training strategy. Immersive virtual training allows businesses to build a programme that delivers the knowledge and skills employees need for a successful career at their company. 

An interactive virtual tour will help nervous employees learn their way around before they arrive. This introduces them to their new working environment and provides them with a useful tool which they can revisit whenever they need. 

Virtual health and safety videos are proven to be more engaging than in-person talks, pre-recorded videos and text based documents. In industries such as manufacturing, engineering and maritime, it is paramount to get training right from the start due to the hazardous nature of their environment.

Custom Virtual Training Solutions can be used to prepare a new hire for their environment and provide a higher confidence in performing duties safely. Designing creative, engaging and immersive VR training environments can also help increase training ROI, save costs, and increase employee productivity.

Watch the following case study to see how Smylies LTD found working with our team and what they thought about the custom training platform we created for them:


Do You Have a Creative Onboarding Strategy? 


Onboarding and recruitment has moved on from the days of endless paperwork and forms. Now to attract the right candidates company’s need to be mindful of how they communicate at all stages of the onboarding process. 

These are crucial steps and will help validate your new employees’ decision in accepting the job, excite them about their new role, and show them why the position is the right fit for them. This will impact positively on your staff retention figures and will hopefully keep the ghosting trend from reaching your workplace.



If you need any help in creating an onboarding video, virtual tour or training platform,

speak to our team today!

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