Create lasting results with professional video




These days we all have access to a high quality camera in our back pocket, so why would we even consider seeking out a specialist? Because if you are looking to really make a splash with your video content, you need a bit more of an edge!

Quality Content

For a top product, you need top equipment! Whilst the quality of many camera phones around today are excellent, you can’t beat the quality of a video filmed using professional equipment. This type of kit is not something you can just pick up and press record, either. Videographers have trained for years to master their craft and have expert knowledge in using cameras to drive quality results with both video and audio.

Many of the videos you see that are ‘filmed on an iphone’ are actually filmed with some assistance and it’s not as simple as propping your phone up against a wall and pressing record. The illusion of a high quality project can often be achieved by the use of add on lenses, gimbles and apps such as Filmic; all of which can be used to artificially enhance the quality of the video. So if you’ve been wondering why your iPhone video isn’t as good as some others, that’s probably why! 

Strategic Approach

Whilst pumping out quick content might work for your marketing strategy right now, the best way to drive results is through strategic planning. Nowadays, we are inundated with a constant flow of videos, animated graphics and images. So to make your video more appealing than others is a challenge in and of itself.

A full video service comes with a strong awareness and consideration for your audience. It’s important to strip everything back to the purpose of your video, who you want it to reach and what you are looking to achieve. It may be quick and easy to create a quick video on your mobile without much thought to a strategy, but whether that video will drive the results you’re after is a different matter. 

Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It’s central to your outreach and campaign efforts … especially your social strategy.” – Hubspot

It’s not just the filming

Sure, it’s very easy to film a quick video using your phone but how easy is it to produce a premium edit? Although typical phone apps such as Splice, inShot and TikTok allow you to utilise many basic editing features, it’s a far cry from what can be achieved with professional software packages.

The two greatest factors you’d miss out on with an individual approach is time and expertise. Traditionally, a film crew would be divided into departments for filming, lighting, editing etc and on many video sets that is still the case. Many videographers are now trained to edit using a whole range of skills and techniques to enhance your videos. Editing involves going through hours of footage and carefully crafting a video timeline to suit the brief. It’s editing the colours in the shot, the audio levels, timing everything to music, adding animated text graphics and the entire ‘feel’ behind the video. It takes years of practice and yields results of a far higher quality. 

Most videographers will now also edit your video for use across multiple platforms; matching the style of video to what works best with different audiences.

Why settle for less?

Let’s say you’ve established your business and you have a brilliant product or service you’d like to showcase with a video. You’d like to proudly share your message with the world. Why would you want to use something carelessly shot on your phone?

It’s important to think about the people watching your video. If it’s taken you 10 minutes to put together a video on your phone with little effort and people get that impression when they start watching, why would they carry on watching or want to do business?

Create lasting impressions

Businesses spend a lot of time wanting to create a lasting impression and in the new digital age that doesn’t just come from how you introduce yourself in person, how you conduct business or even just your website. The first thing someone will do is Google your business and if you play your cards right, your video could be the first thing people see. By having high quality video content on your website and social media, you can ensure your business message is visual and coherent.

We are all about creative content and if a video filmed on your mobile is a step in that direction for your marketing, then we’re happy you’re on the right track! If you’re looking to up your game with a strategically planned and professional video campaign, our team of experts are ready to help support your vision and drive results. 

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