Community Choice Tours

Apr 17, 2019

It’s always exciting for our team when we get the opportunity to create a 3D scan of a particularly interesting place. We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked for some of the country’s most well-loved tourist attractions such as The Roman Baths, high end retail brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Sunseeker Yachts and at some of the biggest stadiums in the UK – Twickenham, Old Trafford and Anfield to name but a few. However, it’s often the smaller, less well-known spaces that give us the most enjoyment.


It is because of some of these more unusual spaces that we have introduced our Community Choice tours whereby we select a local business or site that holds some public interest or serves a really worthwhile purpose within the community and then create a free or low cost tour for them.


Our first Community Choice project was the fabulous Open Door Centre in Birkenhead. We were aware of the brilliant work that the team there was doing for people in the area; offering support to those feeling down, low, stressed or anxious by way of numerous activities within music and the arts as well as unique training and volunteering opportunities. We felt that it was important to highlight the great work being carried out and what made it even more apt was that they had recently moved into and developed a brand new centre at the Bloom Building! This stunning and flexible new space was ripe for showcasing and you can take a look around these unique facilities here:
We’re always on the lookout for the next Community Choice and would welcome suggestions, so if you know of a business with really cool premises, a charity that’s doing amazing work or just something quirky and interested, let us know and maybe it will get featured!
Written by Simon Sloan, Operations Manager, hi-impact