Community Choice: Autism Together

Nov 18, 2019

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Autism Together Wirral to create a 3D Virtual Tour as part of our #CommunityChoice project. Wirral Autistic Society started life in 1968 when a group of forward thinking parents wanted to give support to their loved ones. Autism Together is now one of the country’s leading providers of services and support to people with autism and their families.

Many autistic people can experience social isolation and find it difficult to enter an environment that is new. A Virtual Tour is an extremely useful way to explore a space before visiting and allow people to become more comfortable with a surrounding before they’re even there.

This Virtual Tour aims to support clients and families of Autism Together by allowing them to gain access to the space from anywhere at any time. The tool enables the client to visit as many times as they can and familiarise themselves with the environment. For the families of service users it gives them the opportunity to visit the spaces ahead of introducing their loved ones to the organisation.

Yvonne Smith, Senior Training and Development Officer Autism Together, states “People with autism benefit greatly from concrete information. You can describe it in words as much as you like but we all know if you can see it, it’s so much better. This tour isn’t even just pictures it’s being immersed into it. The process of creating the tour itself was incredible simple, easy and quick. From start to finish the team are very efficient. They take care of everything and after the initial meeting it was all plain sailing.”

Georgia Flynn, Head of Media hi-impact, says “This 3D Tour was a privilege for us to create. Autism Together is so well known on the Wirral for the support they provide and to be able to give back to this organisation was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed producing this tour and hope that it proves useful for their clients and families with alleviating some anxiety.”