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As a company, we have worked within the education sector for the past 10 years to help showcase what Schools do. During that time, we’ve worked on many different projects from subject specific videos about well-being, greater depth of English to covering huge events such as the Island Games. It goes without saying we absolutely love the challenge of a new project so the team were absolutely delighted when I told them about the Coast 2 Country project.

We were approached by the Deeside Schools Cluster as they set out their aims to; develop and implement a plastic reduction strategy for their schools, select an endangered Wirral animal that is threatened, create a piece of work for an exhibition using found plastics and link up with the community on the 28th June to clean up in a litter pick. They wanted to be able to capture the essence of this project in one go but couldn’t begin to think how, as they had so many fantastic activities going on across a wide range of Schools.

We worked with their team to outline a plan to cover the full project through a video and also quickly whipped up a logo design that represented what the project was about to enable them to share their stories across social media. Throughout the project the 18 schools worked on their art pieces and learnt more about the environment in the local community. It was our job to ensure that we captured a little bit of everything in each of the schools. Across four days, we managed to cover a couple of hours worth of filming in all 18 schools. It’s safe to say it was a busy few days!

During the project, the children also had a fantastic trip to Jaguar Land Rover to learn all about what they do to support the environment and to B&M waste to learn about what we do with waste and how people can do their bit to help. It was a great opportunity for our team to go along and learn with them, capturing videos, interviews and photographs throughout.

All of the excitement of the project was building up to one thing, the exhibition at The Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead. We were lucky enough to get a quick glimpse of the exhibition before it started and it was a really rewarding thing for our team to see the finished projects we had witnessed from the very beginning let alone the pupils and teachers! It was incredible to see how far they had developed and how much the children had clearly thought about their pieces.

Of course, there were so many fantastic pieces created throughout the project that the schools themselves were able to exhibit lots of work around the School to showcase what they had learnt. We headed to Pensby Primary School to create a 3D Virtual Tour of their atrium which was covered in fantastic Coast 2 Country displays including a huge sculpture of the Wirral Coast Line and their very own bat cave!

Explore it here:

The project culminated in the exhibition launch with pupils, teachers, parents and Mayor in attendance. Fear not, this isn’t the end of this project! Coast 2 Country will continue into 2020 and support the local environment. We certainly can’t wait to see what they get up to next year.

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