We say welcome back, but it’s no secret that businesses have been open, closed or operating on a partial basis and nothing was ever left behind.

As we head along the lockdown roadmap and restrictions ease, it can be an overwhelming time for businesses. We’re beginning to get used to life outside all over again and many people will look to your socials for updates about what is new in your organisation, which means it’s more important than ever to show them you’re the place to visit or the business to work with.


Our latest offer leaves you with a video that does just that!

We’re all bored of the ‘p’ word

In this offer, we’re changing the the meaning of the ‘p’ word from ‘pandemic’ to PROMOTION. It’s time to celebrate your business; what you’re about, what you’re doing, what’s to come and everything in between!

We believe the best way to engage your online audience is using video and there is plenty of evidence to back this up. The Back To Business offer focuses on delivering a high quality video for use across your social media platforms, website, presentations and of course… showing off to your friends and family so you can get on with running of your business while your videos are spreading your message to a large audience.


Video is a great way to showcase just how fantastic your business is. Not only that but it boosts your online presence, social media engagement and your SEO!

So what’s on offer?

1 – 3 minute video showcasing your business

30 Second Social Edit

Basic Animated Graphics

Licensed Music

Up to 4 hours filming

Full day editing 

Usual Cost: £900 + vat


Offer Cost: £650 + vat!

BOOK YOUR VIDEO – [email protected] – 0151 638 6283

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Mental Health Awareness Week

There is still so much stigma around talking about mental health and we strongly believe it’s important to break down those barriers. Now is the time to be using social media for good, accepting that we’re all human and looking at the people both inside and outside of the workplace. 

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Autism Together Awareness Month

Each year, at Autism Together, we look forward to April 2nd and World Autism Awareness Day; dedicating the entire month to raising awareness of autism, while fundraising and highlighting the work we do at Autism Together.

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hi-impact Recognised as LCR Tech Climber of 2021

On 28th January, hi-impact consultancy ltd was recognised by the Liverpool City Region as an LCR Tech Climber for 2021. Launched by LCR Activate and in association with Paraetura Adventures, the LCR Tech Climber Award celebrates tech innovative businesses across Merseyside which specialise in the provision of unique solutions to disruptive issues in their target sectors.

Tips and Tricks

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