Autism Together Awareness Month




Each year, at Autism Together, we look forward to April 2nd and World Autism Awareness Day. First celebrated in 2008, after being formally recognised by the United Nations, it is a day where people across the globe are encouraged to raise awareness and acceptance of people with autism.

During April we dedicate the entire month to raising awareness of autism, while fundraising and highlighting the work we do at Autism Together.

We are a charity and service provider supporting over 400 people on the autism spectrum. Founded in Wirral in 1968 by a group of forward-thinking parents concerned about the lack of services for their autistic children, the organisation now employs around 1,000 staff and has operations across Wirral, in Cheshire and in North Wales too.

We offer day services, residential care and supported living for those on the autism spectrum aged 16 and over, along with activities and advice services for children with autism and their families.

We have our own garden centre, river park, farm, woodlands, canal boat, rock band, dance group and choir. The people we support can choose to gain diverse skills in activities such as swimming, cycling, trampolining, rock climbing, painting, woodworking and much more.



  • 1 in every 100 people in the UK has an autism diagnosis (that’s around 700,000 people). There will be many more individuals, both children and adults, who are autistic but have gone undiagnosed.
  • More males are diagnosed with autism than females (in the ratio of approximately 2:1). Girls are thought to be better at ‘masking’ their autism than boys.
  • Autism is a unique condition and has its own Act of Parliament called The Autism Act (2013).
  • Autism is more common than Down’s Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy and referred to as a non-visible condition (because it is neurological and not physical, it cannot be seen directly).
  • At least 80% of individuals with autism experience the world quite differently through their senses.
  • Every person experiences their autism differently. We work with individuals to overcome any difficulties they may have and celebrate their uniqueness.


For more information about Autism Together and our April awareness month, visit our website: and follow us on Facebook:

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