6 Effective ways to use Social Media for your Business




It goes without saying that over the past decade, the way we market our businesses has changed drastically. Through social media, businesses and customers can directly interact and engage with one another which is great for forming brand relationships. ‘Social’ marketing has turned the world of traditional marketing upside down by allowing the conversation to go both ways.

There are so many different streams of social media out there and this quick guide is designed to help you effectively promote your business using social media to your best advantage.

Share your social responsibility efforts

Showing what you do for the community is a great way to engage your followers. It shows that your business cares about the community and encourages the importance of giving back. Although this is not directly related to promoting your business, it is a fantastic way to add a ‘human factor’ to your social media.

Make the most of ‘live’ features

Most social media platforms now offer a ‘live’ feature which is a great way to boost your engagement. If you have a new product or service launch coming up, going live enables you to draw your audience in and get them excited. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook often notify your followers when you have gone live which draws them in to your page. If you are about to launch a new product through an instagram/facebook post, try going live just before you post and see how many extra people you can bring to your page.

Whether it’s a quick Q&A with your followers or a planned production, going live adds a personal approach to your content without costing you a fortune.

Gather online reviews for your products/services

Building trust in your brand is key. Not only is it a good way to showcase positive reviews on your page but you can also respond to any negative reviews correctly and make sure your customers know you value their feedback and will endeavour to resolve their problem. These online reviews also improve your SEO so it’s a win win!

You see a phenomenal amount of tweets aimed at companies such as The Trainline, BT, Virgin and many other companies complaining about their service. Look at the way that their customer support teams respond to these complaints. No matter what it is, these brands are always responding quickly to complaints and customers really value to the instant response.

Showcase your team

Sharing pictures of your office space or team allows consumers to make an authentic connection with your business. ‘Putting a face to the name’ really makes a difference in how people perceive you and your brand.

People often buy into a product or service because of who is associated with it so if you can showcase the ‘real’ people behind your business it means more to the consumer. This is also a great chance for you to shake up your content by using photos and video. People are naturally drawn to more visual content. Using free tools such as ‘Canva’ is a great way to create graphics with photographs and it even gives you templates for each platform.


The internet is a great way to network across different communities. Networking online means that you can save valuable time attending networking events by speaking to people online. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great for seeing what your network are up to, starting conversations and updating people on what you have been up to.

By engaging with other businesses through direct messaging and supporting people by sharing their posts, you will find people begin to shout about your business without you even knowing. Get sociable now!

Keep it tasteful

We all have our own opinions, but your business account is not the place to share them. Whilst it is good to engage in current trends and hashtags, you can easily offend people by posting a strong opinion or the wrong quote with the wrong photo.

We all dream of getting our business viral but you don’t want to go viral for a bad reason. Your social media can make a huge impact on driving your business and build a strong, loyal audience so take a minute to think about what tone of voice you want to get across.

Finally, You’re going to have business and marketing plans outside of your social media campaign but a solid social media plan adds to your efforts for a minimal cost. You don’t need to spend hours on social media every day to make it work well. Just make sure you a consistent with your content. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of social media platforms out there too, find one or two that work for your business and use it well!

Written by Georgia Flynn, hi-impact media