3D Virtual Tours: The Future of Business Promotion?




Stepping inside a building; seeing, exploring, feeling…without ever leaving the computer chair? It sounds like the fever dream of a mad man, but it is very much reality…virtual reality to be exact, and it’s what we, at hi-impact, strive to achieve when producing our 3D Tours for our clients.


Despite how new and daunting they may seem, the art of interactive visual medium has been a well-established and widely used promotional technique since the dawn of social media; engaging users in fresh, entertaining, and innovative ways for years.



What hi-impact’s 3D Virtual Tours do is hand an element of control and ownership back to the user; encouraging interactivity and allowing them to traverse through new lands and buildings as they please. It is through this level of exploration that they are able to garner more of a familiarity with areas and organisations than any image or map could ever grant them.


Viewer Retention

More importantly, in direct correlation to this is the increased level of retention websites will benefit from through the use of visual interactivity; as users feel compelled to continue looking at the screen. In fact, statistics suggest that the viewing time for virtual tours can be up to ten times longer than that of a normal blog or post.


Enhanced Online Presence

It was discovered in a recent study that virtual tour posts gained up to 40% more clicks than the average, non-virtual post. This strongly suggests that user interest in regards to experiencing virtual reality is overwhelmingly positive, and that they will naturally gravitate towards websites which have them.

Additionally, separate research carried out as recently as 2018 found that 44% of business searches are driven by mapping applications, such as Google Maps. Meaning that if a business, organisation or place of interest is mapped, then 3D Virtual Tours of said locations would grant even further opportunity to establish a strong online presence.

You can check out our portfolio of 3D tours by clicking here.

If you’re interested in having a 3D Virtual Tour created, please contact us at 

[email protected]

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