10 Impressive Heritage Sites You can visit virtually during the current social distancing measures





We may be unable to leave our homes at the moment, but that’s no reason to stop exploring! Have a look at these 10 Impressive Heritage sites as if you were there in person, through hi-impact’s virtual tours.

The Roman Baths

Quite rightly one of Britain’s top tourist attractions, The Roman Baths is of the best preserved and finest historical sites in Northern Europe. As well as the Great Bath itself and the various other spa areas, there is a fabulous museum of Roman Britain to explore.

Iron Age Round House, Shropshire

This faithful replica of an Iron Age Round House can be found at Park Hall Farm, near Oswestry in Shropshire. Based on the dwellings at nearby Old Oswestry Hillfort, children and parents can visit and step inside to experience the everyday life of Iron Age people.

Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

This two-part virtual tour takes you behind the scenes and into the heart of Jodrell Bank – the control room – before hopping across to explore part of the original dish of the giant Lovell Telescope – still one of the biggest and most powerful telescopes in the world!

King Charles’ Tower, Chester

Also known as Phoenix Tower, this corner piece of the Roman walled city of Chester is not open to the general public, so this virtual tour gives you exclusive behind the scenes access. A Grade II listed structure that was originally constructed in the 13th century, it has been modified and renovated throughout the centuries and still provides a magnificent viewpoint from the walls across the Cheshire plains and down to the canal far below.

Cold War Bunker, Jersey

Jersey Heritage hopes to make this perfectly preserved civil defence emergency control centre open to the public at some point. At present, you can explore it virtually though and get a feel for how life would have been for the last workers to use it as a base. A really rare example of a German telephone repeater station with an intact interior room layout and fittings, the centre became a Cold War Civil Emergency Centre in later years, and is now planned to be an educational resource to inform people of how Jersey planned to respond to nuclear war or radiation leak in the 20th century.

Mann At War Exhibition, Isle of Man

Part of Manx National Heritage’s Manx Museum, The Mann At War gallery explores the experiences of Manx men, women and children in conflict from 1750 to the present day. A fascinating journey through history right up to the present day.

Museum of Tools & Trade, Malta

This unique museum under the medieval walled city of Mdina in Malta, gives you a glimpse into the tools and trade employed on the island over the centuries.

German War Tunnels, Jersey

Ho19 and Ho20 are a tunnel complex running beneath a hillside near St Helier, Jersey. The tunnels were built by the Germans during their occupation of the Channel Islands in WWII using slave labourers. Whilst there are publically accessible war tunnels on the island, there are also plenty such as these which are open at present and being preserved and maintained by Jersey War Tours. This example features carvings in the rock, including a map that is thought to have been made by one soldier giving directions to a café back in Germany! 

Tynwald Parliament Buildings, Isle of Man

The High Court of Tynwald is the parliament of the Isle of Man. Tynwald is of Norse origin and over 1,000 years old, and is thus the oldest parliament in the world with an unbroken existence. Private tours of the chambers can be made in person, or you can explore and learn virtually in this online tour.

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Set in stunning Victorian splendour, the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath features a permanent collection on the first floor that explores 500 years of European art and artists and is free to everyone. The collection spans hundreds of years of art history. On the ground floor, temporary exhibitions are hosted.

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